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“In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.”

Ponder on that a while, CU, LU and the rest of you who leave scathing reviews and get off on getting works of fiction deleted.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers. I hope it’s a blessed one.


This is why I love AO3 (Archive of our own)



So go on.  Quote some song lyrics without worry about CU or anyone coming after you.

Ugh. Seriously?



You people still make me want to vomit.  

Congrats on being assclowns.  Wear that crown well.  

More on FF’s sweep

I’m sure that everyone in the world who is over the age of three has dealt with someone they didn’t like for one reason or another.  As adults, our lives are centered around interactions either through business, personal interests or family.   I’ve got my fair share of people and companies I can’t stand because of how they treat us.  It seems to me that some of them have forgotten that the only reason they are there is because of us.

The consumers.

I love writing.  I love Fan Fiction.  I love the worlds it opens up when one of our favorite TV shows gets canceled without any resolution, a plot in a TV show that we don’t like or a movie doesn’t end the way we think it should.   It gives us the power to create an alternate universe to explore what would have happened if Character A never left the show or if Movie B would have ended this way instead of the way it really ended.  Many times, I’ve finished a book or a movie only to find the ending sucked.  

If you’re a fan of Nicholas Spark’s novels, you can relate.  I’ve wanted to throw my Kindle across the room more than once after reading a book of his and groaning about how he ended it.  

I have personally explored varying fields of writing at FanFiction.  I’ve rewritten story lines I hated from Grey’s Anatomy.  I’ve rewritten parts of Twilight and yes, even made fun of it at the same time.  

I do understand that it’s the right of the author or writer to do what they want with their characters even if they know that killing off someone or having someone go bat crazy will cheese off the viewers or readers.  

That leads me to FanFiction and the recent purge.  Yeah, I get it that it’s their site and they can do everything and anything they want. I get it that it’s their right to delete all the stories on the site at once except for one story and leave it at that.  I get it that they’re basically God and can kill off our stories at any time.

What I don’t get is their lack of response concerning anything – not just the purge.  I don’t know one member of FanFiction who has ever gotten a response from an email, tweet or blog post.  I’ve emailed several times over the eight or so years I’ve been a member of and have I ever gotten a response?  Nope.  

Someone left me a scathing review on one of my stories a few years ago basically telling me I should just kill myself because my fic sucked even though I had over 400 reviews to counter that.  In any event, I reported the review to the FF Admins and it took a year and a half for them to delete one single review.  19 months before that review was deleted.   This was a review full of cursing so bad it would make a sailor blush with shame. 

Granted, I don’t know how many emails FF Admins get in one day.  I’m sure the number is in the thousands.  Either one person is solely responsible for the entire site and that person has no help or they just think customer service is overrated. 

I touched on this in the last column I wrote yesterday, but I’m still really cheesed about how all of this went down.  Again, I know that FF Admin can run the site how they see fit but seriously, how hard would it have been to send out a warning?  

“Dear FF User:

The following stories are in violation of the TOS of FF.Net and as a result, they will be deleted on X day.  

(List of stories and violations go here)

Should you wish to back up your stories for movement to another site, you have X days to do it.  If the stories are re-posted on this site, your account will be suspended. 


FF Admin “

Now how hard was that?   If they can take the time to delete thousands of stories, then how hard would it have been to send out a warning email, give us 24, 48 or even 72 hours to remove our stories or at least get a back up THEN delete them? 

Apparently they deleted anything that even remotely sounded like copyrighted song lyrics without even bothering to Google the lyrics to see if they were copyrighted.  That would have been too much work, just like responding to emails or Tweets.  Had they Googled the lyrics in my stories, they would have found no copyright claims because they were MY lyrics.  I made them up just like I made the stories up.

Again, that’d be too much light right. 

I suppose we can bitch and moan all we want, but the stories are gone.  They can never be recovered.  It’s time to move on and either start all over or just do what I did and abandon all together in favor of bluer waters.    

I’m still going to email them daily about allowing members access to the deleted stories for at least a day or so in order to back up works.  I had over 90 chapters of a story that I can’t get back.  Part of me is extremely livid but part of me is kicking my own arse because I should have backed up my stories like I back up my iPhone, like I back up my laptop and like I back up important documents online. 

I know that since I abandoned my stories on FF and have ported them over to AO3 that it won’t mean anything to FF due to the number of people who are members of that site.  I realize this but why should I support a business that doesn’t give a damn about the people who support it?   They don’t care about us, so why bother? 

I guess when you get as big as FFN is, it doesn’t matter any more.  

Thoughts? Ideas?  Comments?  

As always, I’d love to hear them.  If you’d rather email me privately about this, fire away FUCriticsUnited @ yahoo dot com.  

Update. New post. Gripe session. THE PURGE

So.  FanFiciton recently did a purge and out of the 19 stories I had on my FF account, I now have three that remain.


The original member – FueledByChocolate – who reported my original FanFiction story which was the basis behind this blog, is no longer a member of CU and has changed her name from what it was when she was a member of CU. Off the top of my head, I don’t recall what it was.  I do not know what happened.  Maybe she got eaten by a large flesh eating dinosaur or something?

I don’t know.  I just know I’m livid.

It would have been nice for FanFiction to send authors a note telling us that we had Y number of days until our stories would be deleted.  I had no backup copies of the 16 stories of mine that were deleted.

Of the 16 stories, the breakdown is as follows:

ONE story was deleted for “Chat” script crap which is what that CU blowhard got on to me for

FIVE stories were deleted for “song lyrics” even though the song lyrics in my stories were MY OWN CREATIONS.

The rest of them, I didn’t even bother to look because I was so damn mad.  That was years of work of mine just POOF gone.

As am I from FanFiction.  

I’ll still keep this blog going.  I’ll still be posting tips and hints from my readers. I’ll still support the writers of the stories I follow and review and read. I’ll still be fighting the good fight for the writers on FF who are being targeted unfairly because a few little trolls find it funny to get stories deleted.  I have moved the remaining stories of mine to Archive Of Our Own just in case the other ones get deleted.  I sent FanFiction a scathing email demanding to know why they deleted our stories without notice or at least giving us a chance to correct stories that were “in violation” or offering us a chance to prove that what they did was unfounded.

In the case of my deleted Grey’s Anatomy stories, the ones they claimed contained copyrighted lyrics were LYRICS I MADE MYSELF but did I get that chance to argue my point?


I did send FF an email but I flat out said in the opening line that I don’t expect a response because FFN Mods just simply don’t care. I also had some rather intense language about how they run the site and I wouldn’t be surprised of my account gets deleted (not the FF account associated with this blog. I have two. This one and my main one) I won’t hear back. My works are gone.  My 90+ chapter fic that was the start of my blog here is gone and I don’t have a back up.   

Yeah, I’m a bit cheesed off.  

I know I’m behind on approving comments.  I will get to that.  I promise.  

Now for an update and an explanation on the lack of posts by me:

My entire family has been uprooted from the east coast to Colorado for my husband’s job.   I am looking forward to the fall and winter weather here though.  I grew up not too far away from where we are now and my husband and I are both happy to be back near our families.  

So, as things slow down and as my blood boiling point settles to a simmer, I’ll add more thoughts and whatnot to this blog.

If any of you have been a victim of the purge, please, in the comments tell me what happened and what FF Admin told you was the reason.  

The little reporter that cried wolf

I’m sure all of us know the story about the boy that cried wolf. You know the one.

“Oh look! The wolf is coming to eat us all.”

And the wolf never came.

Then one day the wolf did come and he had one hell of a feast because no one believed the kid for crying wolf so many times.

I wonder if those who constantly report stories on FF are actually taken seriously by the moderators? So many of the stories they report are still up there. A gander through some of the concritter forums shows pages and pages and pages of stories that are (allegedly) being reported every day by multiple people – members or not – and yet, they’re there.

Did the concritter cry against the rules too many times, or are the stories they think that are against the rules simply not against the rules?

What do my readers think?

You concritters who visit my blog are welcome to comment as well. Keep it civil though.