More musings from a FanFiction victim

I think what bothers me most about “Critics United” is the fact that this self imposed group of “moderators el facto” for FanFiction have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of unnecessary stories on the site.  I mean come on! God save the queen if a badly spelled story should happen to sneak by them and be published and worse yet – be reviewed.

The consequences could be catastrophic.

Yeah.  Maybe not.

Maybe they’re just suffering from what I like to call short man syndrome.

Short guy syndrome describes the tendency of short males to engage in macho activities in order to counteract the stereotypes of short men. In the case of American males who are short (say, 5’5″ and under), the stereotypes suggest “weak” and “wimpy” as keywords. This leads to a desire to go to the gym and build muscle tone, play extreme sports, buy guns (to shoot bullets, paintballs, etc.), and engage in other activities to show the rest of the world that you don’t take shit from anyone.

Or maybe they were just toilet trained at gunpoint.

Or maybe they’re just all douche bags.  Too bad douchebaggery isn’t a crime punishable by death.  I know exactly where I’d start if I was dictator.

I don’t tend to make a big deal out of anything unless it can directly affect me or someone I love.  I’ve got enough going on in my life than to spend precious hours I don’t have on a website reporting people like someone in middle school.

Until next time -Stay strong.  Keep Writing.


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