Another group of FF Haters/Trolls

I”ve been alerted to yet another group of FF hall monitors.  This group calls themselves The Eliminator.
Their members are as follows:

The following list comprises the members of Eliminator:

Registered Members-

•Lifequasher (Administrator)

•Mr. Hanzo Hattori (Moderator)

•CaDeYbOi (Moderator)

•Greyshade (Moderator)


•Mr. Perfectionist (Moderator)




Feel free to block them on FanFiction so they can’t leave you signed reviews. Authors have the right to modify or edit unsigned reviews so go on! Block these creeps today before they attack you!

Like CU, they have tattle threads where they list authors, stories and poems they feel are against the rules.

And yet the abuse continues

Like CU, their list of flame/review/report stories keeps on growing

When will this shit stop?

So, feel free to use the letter I penned in another thread but use this group of “critics” plus the CU “critics” and ask that FanFiction ban them all.

Remember – The story you save may be your own.

And of course, none of these d-bags have stories for us to critique.

What are they so afraid of? A little dishing back what they give out?


Until next time -Stay strong.  Keep Writing.


One response to “Another group of FF Haters/Trolls”

  1. PercyandKatnisFan says :

    I have stories for you to critique! Except it has good grammar, and doesn’t break rules. However, I’ll accept any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!

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