List of Troll “Critics” on FanFiction

The “Literate Union” group

The “LawlClan” group

And of course, Critics United

Fanfiction Renaissance – another group of Trolls

The Eliminators
Report them all to FanFiction as being malicious trolls who MUST be stopped!

Until next time – Stay strong.  Keep Writing.


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One response to “List of Troll “Critics” on FanFiction”

  1. Mystic says :

    I’m a member of LawlClan myself, and I don’t know what everyone else is doing, but I actually warn people and give them a week to fix/remove their story before I report them.

    However you’re right. There really is no point to reporting. It doesn’t hurt anyone and were just obnoxious attention seeking gnomes. . We are pathetic and have no life.

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