Members to add to your block list

This list will be regularly updated when I find new members:

A Big Fan of Most Things 2425083
Aeyra 2613432
AliceTheBloodyRabbit 4149733
Annabelle01 3184725
ArcticPuppet 211015
Atraxeus 1275756
AvrilSays 1763844
BBBKA 291381
Brad Hawk 4095355
CaDeYbOi 3290582
catspats31 2266852
Cecil Kain Cerberus 3643402
celestialgrey 2377987
Cerulean City 1433025
Cha’s Aegis 252436
Chocolate Pencil 2901058
Coqui’s Song 2555018
Corner Of A Paradise 4100469
Creatively Commonplace 4245033
CU Administration 2098970
Discordant feelings 3482317
Doctorre 1544230
Don Saurus 1600268
Dr Facer 79668
Elodie the Scribe 1621224
Ever Heard of a Dictionary 1935085
From Out of the Blue 3140628
Gaaras1Girl 1821929
Greyshade 4076901
Hacek 3340374
Hennigan 2288834
Hime-koi 962882
Indigo Halfmoon Dauntless 4211358
IronLad 2839102
Jimmy Attackles Veni’s Leg 2182524
Karma’s Destiny 2758750
Kiko’sTOY 2813270
Ky-lassassin 1109637
lantern of hope 2139401
LBric 3763544
LeftHRyder 2828995
Lifequasher 3726052
Marie Nomad 3304
MewJounouchi 1414300
Mr Hanzo hattori 3744537
Mr Who-Cares 4151124
Mr. Perfectionist 4172971
Mrs. Flamer 3074931
ms.illegality 1480899
PercyandKatnisFan 4241127
Pink Fantasies 2500808
Princess of Prussia 3598392
Question42 2628780
Ramenluver 1250252
RarityRoyale 3286464
Red Soul Eater 4123118
Rome Beauty 1495065
Ruining Hopes and Dreams 2955884
Runic Healer 1501327
Sarifs servant 4058598
Sideshow27 3241670
Son of Palpatine 1977471
StoryWeaver854 2583739
TaiyouChan 2110775
Tallz Is De Langste Ster 1768878
Ten ways to spoil dinner 1503167
The Critic Of Doom 4232047
The knockerman 4254900
The Legend of Derpy 3934752
The Sage of Toads 1854667
The Sky Above 3496084
The Soup Man 3139989
the universe is ours 3024247
The-Doll-on-the-Shelf 4117359
Thranduil Oropherion Redux 1225130
Total Justice 733684
Tyger Hyuga 2691497
Veni0Vidi0Vici 2987978
Whambulance 4289199
Whimsical Symphony 3583375
WishingDreamer5 1726816
Writeofway 3913599
xXKiraUzumakiXx 1517754
Yuna Honey 1264484

Addional Notes About Members:

Corner Of A Paradise Member ID  4100469 – Interesting tidbit – this chick has grammar errors in her profile yet considers herself to be a FF Rule Nazi.

I am the FF Rules Nazi but I can’t spell or use proper grammar for shit!!!!


Until next time -Stay strong.  Keep Writing.


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8 responses to “Members to add to your block list”

  1. author says :

    Good evening!

    I think you should revise that list. Many of those people do not flame. In fact, I spot several who make it their goal to politely concrit people.

  2. author says :

    That’s my point though. Not all of them do. If the story breaks a rule like plagiarism or something, then I’ve seen them report it. But that’s pretty much it. All I’m saying is there are a couple of people on that list who give warnings to the author so that they know a rule is broken, but don’t report them.

  3. Anon says :

    I wonder if some people thought of not blocking them so they can talk to them through PM and then post the chat on their profile to humiliate these ‘critics.’

    Really, that’s what I hate about them, they say it’s to ‘help people improve in story-writing’ but all they do is bully the authors who are doing this for fun.

    I don’t even know if they know what ‘fun’ means.

    I love your blog, I wish those CU(nts) people would pay attention to what authors that are against them are saying and just stop the bullshit reviews they post on amazing stories.

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