The humor of CU continues

One thing I’ve noticed about the members of Critics United is that most of them do not have any stories written on the profiles they use to harass FanFiction members.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why they don’t but I do have a theory about their lack of stories.

They know their writing sucks and they don’t want the world to see it either.

If you’re going to critique someone else’s writing, why not show off what you can do?  If you’re going to leave reviews telling writers that their works suck ass, then why not let those writers see if your work is any good?

Take FF and CU member MrGoodyTwoShoes for instance.  Does this person have a single story listed?  Nope.

If you’re going to critique, have something we can critique back!

Same thing with so many other members listed.  They have NO stories.

Son of Palpatine has nothing listed in his stories he’s authored either.  Wonder why that is?

Chicken shit CU member with no stories.

The irony here is killing me.  Their lack of stories is just funny.

Your works of fiction are good enough for us to attack, but we’re too pussified to let you near our writing cause our writing sucks like yours

And another CU member with no stories of their own

If they want us to take them seriously, post your own stories.

Fanfiction Cyberbullies.  Yes, they do exist.  They think they’re so high and mighty, following’s rules.  But they bully, they harass and they use the deletion system to make themselves look good.

They showboat and brag in their own forums about how they “clean” the site, but they don’t see that the site is supped to be fun.  Sure there are bad fan fiction stories that are just awful.  But people improve their writing.

The people may not always read the terms of service, but constantly acting all high and mighty and holier than thou makes you look very bad.  They say they want good fanfiction but even their own members’ stories fall into the clichés they say they’re trying to avoid.

They’re a bunch of children who don’t actually know what constructive criticism is.  They love to give it to other people but they delete and ban people from their forum who don’t agree to their overly rigid idea of’s rules.

They are also well known for using profanity in their so-called “critiques”.  So much so that the administration of the website warned them to stop leaving reviews with profanity them.

I just watch them and I laugh, because no matter how many bad stories they remove, how many script or chat formatted stories they take down there will always be more of them, and it will never stop.

They stifle other people’s creativity in the name of “perfection” and they’ve also attracted a great amount of trolls to their forum, which I think is hysterically funny.  They deserve it too; they hide behind the invisible Ring of the internet, pretending to be better than everyone else when it comes to something that is supposed to be a fun hobby.

Their futile efforts remind me of the copyright holders trying to rid the internet of torrent sites and the PirateBay, it’s the same thing, no matter what they do, it’s never going to completely go away.  They go around trying to remove yoai, yuri and slash fiction (same sex pairings) from the site.  I might not morally agree with those things, but I’m not going to try to to stop people from writing about it.

It’s also funny because they have such staunch defenders like they’re champions of internet justice or something.  They haven’t changed my mind, and they never will.

Better yet, just slit your wrists and be done with it.  Remember kids, it’s down the road not across the pavement!

Until next time -Stay strong.  Keep Writing.


2 responses to “The humor of CU continues”

  1. Reporter of the Literate Union says :

    I am a pretentious dill hole.

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