Live and let live. Ah, who am I kidding….

I am a critiquer, and I am one of the harder ones out there. I do it, not to make people feel bad about the work, but to instead push them to become better.

I almost snotted water all over my keyboard when I read this.

The preceding paragraph was from a member bio who is a member of the FF Renaissance.  Push them to become better?  Yeah right.

They just ask us to follow a handful of very simple rules to help keep the site running as smoothly as possible.

My whole problem with that is that the owners of FF clearly don’t care about what goes on.  If they did, they’d monitor stories better than they do.  For every one story that one of the trolly groups put up, there are probably a hundred more that they miss.

The one thing that really pisses me off is the quality of some of the work they list.  Yes, there are some just god awful stories on there that should be deleted.  However, when you’ve got an author who has 900 reviews and 200 followers, it’s time to let that one slide.  The only people hurt by the troll actions are the fans.  The ones that look forward to the story updates. The ones that reread the story after a bad say at school, work or home and use it for a smile.

Story ID hidden to protect the innocent

That person has enough reviews and followers to warrant the story being left alone.  I will admit I know nothing about the subject that the author has based their story on, but I can spot proper grammar and spelling and this author has both.

When they’ve got *this* type of following, it’s time to leave it alone.

Same thing here.  Another well written story with a shitton of followers.  Leave it alone. Please.

On the flip side, take this story for example:

Da fuq???

I’ll give the members of FFR this – yeah, this story does deserve to be deleted.  Not only is the grammar god awful but my brain started bleeding from having to decipher “teen speak” for so long.

Of course, the reviewer who claims to be helping people write better left this gem of a review


I for one take someone using the word “retarded” as offensive and it needs to stop just like people saying “that’s so gay!” when they mean that’s something stupid.  I have a cousin with Down’s Syndrome and more than one person has told him that’s he’s a retard when he holds down a job and lives independently in an apartment.  He’s smarter than most people I know – even with his chromosomal anomaly.

Another thing that gets my goat is the type of reviews left.  I’ve already touched on this subject, but I want to touch on it again.

I’ll bash your feelings

My mother always used to tell me that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  This reviewer must bathe in vinegar every day just to be this sour.

Yeah, you do have another choice there, Princess.

This one really bothers me.  “I have no other choice.”  Yeah, actually you do have a choice.  Leave it the hell alone.  No one is dying because of this story being on FanFiction.  Find a story you don’t like?  Hit that backspace key and go back to the previous page and find another one.

The irony here is hilarious.

Can’t spell?  No problem!  We don’t drink our own Kool-Aid so it’s okay.

Myth Confirmed: He’s a d-bag.

The defense rests, Your Honor. This guy is a d-bag.

I wish this guy would just take a really long walk off a short dock.  Enough is enough.

Only good thing going right now is FF seems to be hit and miss on deleting stories.  They report them, but half of them are still there from as far back as July and August.  Other stories in the same message are gone so maybe – fingers crossed- FanFiction believes the story to be compliant in their eyes.

Course that doesn’t help any when your story – like one of mine – is listed on their site and you’ve got dozens of people reporting it multiple times a day.   As of the posting of this blog, it’s still up.  I’ve gotten four confirmed reports of people reporting it though I’m sure the number of reports is closer to twenty or thirty people.

For the love of God, get a dictionary.

If you want us to take you seriously, please learn the difference between your and you’re.

Pot. Meet. Kettle.

And lastly, please learn how to spell if you’re going to critique someone on their spelling and grammar.

Physician heal thyself.

Until next time -Stay strong.  Keep Writing.


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4 responses to “Live and let live. Ah, who am I kidding….”

  1. Lifequasher says :

    Yeah, we’re a bunch of unintelligent d-bags who bully everyone on FanFiction. Our mothers never loved us enough so we grew up starved for attention and we’re basically inept at showing any kind of positive emotion.

    -Founder of Eliminator-

  2. Wesfanemt333 says :

    Well, what about the real person fanfics? You know, the ones that could get ffn sued and shut down? FFN was already nearly sued because of those, which is why they are not allowed.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      Most of the real people FFs I’ve seen listed on your forums are about One Direction – whoever they are.

      The chances of someone suing FF for their likeness being in a story is what? Slim to none? They’d be better off trying to shut down torrents online.

      I asked another member a question and I’ll ask you the same one because I didn’t get a straight answer from him/her. Do you actually read any of the FFs you list in your forums for reporting to the mods? Or do you just browse through a section – say the Hunger Games one for instance – and open each FF and glance at it and decide to report it to the forums?

      Have you ever read a FF that is against the rules and not reported it to the forums?

      Some are crappy, I’ll give you that and deserve to be deleted, but there are some with over two thousand reviews and over fifteen hundred followers that have been around for years and are surprisingly well written. Those should be left alone.

      The “EdWaRd CuLlEn Iz MaH bOiFrYnD” ones are the ones that need to go. I’ll fully support you on those massacres of the English language. They make dictionaries cry but the well written ones like the one I’ve mentioned above should be left alone.

      The only ones who suffer from these rule breakers are the ones who follow stories that get deleted. No one dies because a well written IM story with two thousand followers sticks around on the site.

      • Silver Raditz says :

        Yes, I am normally this stupid and I believe it is simply the result of the endogamic reproduction of my family, compounded by my underdeveloped brain.

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