If you’re going to critique someone

For the sake of all things brown, please learn how to spell and use proper grammar.  Nothing makes me laugh harder than a member of one of these bully troll groups who claims to be a literary expert and yet either their profile or their reviews are full of spelling and grammar errors.

Physician, heal thyself!!!


Find the spelling errors…

If your worried?  Your?  Are you kidding me?

For those of you who are clueless, here’s a hint:

You’re – contracted form of the words you and are.   Example:  You’re going to have to rewrite this story.  It’s awful.

Your – shows possession.  Example:  Your story sucks.  End of story.

It’s not that hard.  I promise you.

A critic’s story summery [sic]

This is the story summary from a critic.  She can’t even spell summary properly and yet I’m supposed to listen to her critique of my story?  Yeah right.

Ah, the irony

What I find particularly funny about this post was that this person pointed out in the second to the last sentence of the review that the writer should use proper grammar.  Go back up to the first sentence and this child can’t differentiate between you’re and your.

People, please!

And lastly, someone who is also claiming to be a critic who does not have a grasp on the English language herself.  Their trying to do?  Surely you meant THEY’RE trying to do.

They’re is the contracted form of they and are.  Example:  They’re going to delete your story because we reported it.

Their shows possession.  Example:  Their story is in violation of the TOS rules of FanFiction.net

And lastly there shows location.  Example:  The critics over there can’t spell their way out of a wet paper bag.

Bad grammar is bad

Basic grammar rule:  If your subject is plural, the verb needs to be singular.  Example:  The critics report stories that break the rules.

If your subject is singular, the verb will need to be plural.  Example:  The critic reports stories that break the rules.

This type of irony makes me laugh my ass off.

Until next time – Stay strong.  Keep Writing.



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6 responses to “If you’re going to critique someone”

  1. Silver Raditz says :

    Hey. I know we’re all asswipes. We’ve tried really hard to fix that but unfortunately we failed. Hard. So rather than fail again we just decided to be asswipes because it’s so much easier than trying to be decent human beings and letting stuff like this slide because you’re right – it hurts no one but since we’re asswipes we have to be anal about it.

  2. Hidan says :

    Yeah, you’re right. They are the so called critics that does’nt even know the spelling of ‘ Critic ‘. That Mr. Perfectionist is just a loser and hypocrite. He is a troll and claims to be a concritter cum flamer but is no better than a troll. He must have a house under the bridge like the rest of them.

  3. Amy says :

    Will you marry me? 🙂 You’re my new official hero for the writers of FanFiction who are being attacked for their stories by these “critics” as you put it. Please, continue what you’re doing.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      Thank you for the kind words, but I’m already married and I’m sure my husband would have something to say about that. I will continue to fight for the rights of FanFiction members.

  4. Vheeri says :

    Saw a review of yours on one of my fanfics, you are awesome

    Hell, I asked one of those critique groups for a review once because of an actually decent critique one left on a fanfic I read… but seriously, why review something (twice actually and not even about the story)that I clearly stated that is DISCONTINUED and there’s a new version available? Bunch of blowhards that need to have a date with Momma’s shotgun.

  5. noopept says :

    I came here hunting something else, but this enthused me regardless. Inspiring stuff!

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