Sort of OT – Stop it! Just stop!

For the love of God, please stop passing this stupid poem around. I’ve noticed it a LOT on FanFiction when I’m reviewing stories and checking out profiles of members I come across.

If the Critics United,  Lawlclan, Defenders, Eliminator, the Literate Union, Fanfiction Renaissance and the rest of them really want to do something, how about targeting the members of FanFiction who have this stupid poem in their profiles rather than their stories?  I want to bash my head against a tree every time I see it or get that stupid email chain sent to me.


I want to gouge out my eyes every time I see this poem.  I’ve seen it where the foetus is either four inches or eight inches.   Let me give you a hint:  It’s neither!
A four week embryo is NOT eight inches long or even four inches long and does NOT have all its organs. It’s actually about the size of a seed. There are no legs.  No arms.  Nothing.
Aside from which – have you ever seen a talking infant?  Didn’t think so.  That means no foetus can talk or think.

Month two

Actually Little Foetus,  you could not, since  an eight week old foetus  does not even have a thumb to suck and no, a foetus still cannot talk.   Nothing magical has happened in the past month to suddenly allow a foetus to talk.

No matter how you try, a foetus will still not be able to talk, not even at twelve weeks.  If my university bio classes still hold true, it sure as hell can’t understand complex or even simple emotion since at this stage, synapses in the brain are only starting to form.  In other words – it doesn’t have a functioning brain developed enough to understand anything, let alone know its a boy or it can talk.

If a foetus at this age could talk and understand, we’d be raising a generation of genius kids.  Instead, we’re stuck with an entire generation that thinks your and you’re can be used as the same word.

Month four

Again.  At month four, the foetus can’t turn its head.  Some foetuses can kick at this stage, but that’s not exercise.  It also certainly cannot flex its fingers and toes.  It’s a myoclonic jerk at best.  It’s definitely not Pilates.

Month five
According to my bio classes, technically it’s a foetus still and again, its ears won’t even begin to hear sounds for another month or so.  Even then, it’s not going to understand language in any sense.  It won’t get that ability until after birth.   Why can’t these crappy poems be medically correct?
And no, it still can’t talk.

Month Six

At month six, I assure you the abortion wasn’t elective, just so you know. This would be around 21 weeks, after which less than 2% of all abortions are actually performed and they’re virtually always because of a medical emergency after a very wanted pregnancy.  Usually it’s because of a severe defect, danger to the mother or something similar.  It’s not like a woman walks into a gyn clinic and goes “Abort me!”
Again – it still can’t talk.
And the last one:

Last nauseating one…


This entire poem showed a perfectly sentient  foetus who felt everything and was talking and speaking.  I’m sorry but if I ever had a two month old foetus talking to me through my uterus, I’d swear and be damned I was carrying the next Damian from The Omen.   For the record, my daughter never spoke to me in utero.  She did give me one hell of a case of heartburn right up until the delivery.

This is completely factually inaccurate. Foetuses and embryos cannot talk, a foetus is not aborted after six months just because daddy doesn’t want mommy’s baby any more and whoever wrote this garbage clearly has no understanding of human foetal development whatsoever.   I suggest that anyone who reads this immediately Googles human foetal development and learns how foetuses really develop.

Oh right.  Then it wouldn’t be as heartwarming as this one is.

So if any members of the Critics United, Lawlclan, Defenders, Eliminator, the Literate Union or Fanfiction Renaissance groups or anyone else who considers themselves a critic are reading this – you have my permission to troll the hell out of those members who have this in their profile. Flame away for this simple reason.
By all means.  Knock yourselves out.
Until next time – Stay strong.  Keep Writing.

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13 responses to “Sort of OT – Stop it! Just stop!”

  1. Andy says :

    I am defective.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      Now you know how we feel on FanFiction when you and your friends attack us. Sucks don’t it?

      And report all you want. That’s how you sissies get when you’re backed into a corner, isn’t it? Throwing a little tantrum because you’re not getting your way?

      Go complain to your parents. I’m sure you still live in their basement.

  2. OrangeFeels says :

    Not to be annoying…but you spelled ‘fetus’ wrong. :/

  3. Katherine Woodward says :

    While I understand what you mean about the poem, you should understand that this was written as a way to protest abortion. Anyone with common sense knows all that you just said. Through out this entire page, all you did was spout facts, and while they were correct, you still managed to piss me off. It’s a POEM to PROTEST the MURDER of our future generation, not a BIOLOGY ESSAY. I’m 15 and I find myself saying all the time “When I was your age—” to 11 year olds. So please, it was a beautifully written poem, and no one ever said poems have to scientifically correct, now did they?

    • FU Critics United says :

      A beautifully written poem is something by Emily Dickinson or Shakespeare. This is crap plain and simple. Not only is it factually incorrect, it uses propaganda to get the point across. Instead of what actually happens during abortion, a woman is led to believe that a foetus grabs on to a woman’s uterus and screams as its being aborted.

      Secondly < 2% of all abortions are done at this time frame and nearly almost all the time it's done to a very, very wanted pregnancy. Women don't just wake up one day 6 months pregnant and think "Today seems like a good day to abort my foetus."

      And before I catch flack for my spelling of foetus, I am originally from a small area outside London. Even though I've lived on this side of the pond for a number of years now, I still spell certain words the British English way and call things like shopping carts at the store trolleys and elevators are called lifts. Drives my American husband up the wall. 🙂

      Its meant to make women who are in this position feel guilty about their decision or force them to have a child they don't want. Do I support a woman's right to chose? Absolutely. Would I ever have one? As a mother of two precious children, no. I would also hope and pray I never needed one to spare my life.

  4. Katherine Woodward says :

    I have never been fond of Shakespeare, but I do love to read Dickinson. The poem is written how it is to convey one thing. That the child would have eventually become a living human being with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. No one is led to believe anything. It is conveyed to the person reading that a fetus feels pain when being aborted. Anyone who has access to the internet can quickly do some reading and find out for themselves if it’s true.

    “You went to the doctor today.
    Mommy, he lied to you.
    He said that I’m not a baby”

    .That implies that the fetus is not developing as it should be, it is turning out comepletely wrong, or something else entirely. It is never mentioned that the mother wants to give her child up. Therefore, it might be exactly what you said, a very, very wanted pregnancy that just wasn’t meant to happen.

    I read the earlier comments and I knew that already. Before I catch flack about anything wrong I say, grammar or spelling wise, it’s 8:30 in the morning, and I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I don’t usually make mistakes but it happens.

    Yes, it is. You’re completely right about that. As do I, but it is still a HUMAN life. I don’t have any children, because I’m fifteen and I have lots to do before I have kids (not like that’s stopped any girls I know *sigh*). I plan on having kids, and hope I don’t need to ever have one either.

    • FU Critics United says :

      The poem is meant to portray a woman who is in a relationship and the father of the child tells the mother not to have it. The time goes on and it’s assumed that the mother believes the father will come around to her way of thinking but at the sixth month, the father tells the mother to get rid of it or he’s gone, so she gets rid of it to appease him. First and foremost, if anyone told me to abort a baby or they’d leave, unless Charles Manson or Ted Bundy was the baby’s father, I’d keep it. It’s my body and my choice – which is where the pro choice argument comes in – and not the father’s.

      But back to the poem. Like I said, very, very, very, very few women wait six months and wake up one day and think “It’s a lovely day to abort my foetus!” That poem is a scare tactic to make women believe that a foetus can talk in utero as well as hold on for dear life as it’s being pulled

      It’s still a crock. A foetus does not feel pain until right at the 22nd or 23rd week. I may have mentioned this before, but if I have, my apologies, but there’s a wonderful documentary on YouTube that was produced by NatGeo called Inside the Womb (I think) and it’s a week by week journey into fetal development using regular ultrasound, 4D ultrasound and CGI images based off foetal movement in the womb. I suggest you go watch it. It’s fascinating to see what goes on inside during a pregnancy.

      The connections in the foetal brain are not fully formed in that time mentioned in the poem nor are they in the timeframe where 90% of all abortions take place. That crock study saying that foetal brain waves can be registered at 7 weeks is bogus. A foetal brain at seven weeks is the size of a pinhead. It’s impossible to differentiate between “brain waves” and contractions that normally occur in the mother’s body. Though a foetus may react to being poked or prodded, it’s a reflex action, not a deliberate “OUCH! MOMMY MAKE THEM STOP!!! MOMMY I’M HURTING FROM THE SHARP POINTY THING!” like humans do after birth. An amoeba, a single celled organism, will move away if pricked with a pin and yet it has no brain. It’s a reflexive action.

      The other thing people want to argue is that a foetus will grab something in utero, but again it’s a reflexive action. That photo of the foetus holding on to the doctor’s hand during surgery is the same thing. Everyone thinks it’s cute, and it is touching, but it’s biology. It’s not the foetus hanging on for dear life to keep from getting killed. Even infants after birth will reflexively hold on to anything that is handed to them. Both my kids had death grips on fingers if anyone held out one for them to grab. My oldest used to wad up my shirt in her fist and hang on and it was only until I put her down that I had to take the fabric out of her hand because she refused to let it go.

  5. Katherine Woodward says :

    All you keep doing is spouting the same thing over and over again. Tell me, where does it say in the poem that the father does not want the baby or that she doesn’t want it? That’s right, nowhere. The father is not mentioned once in this entire poem.

  6. N. Harmonik says :

    I think the ‘talking’ is supposed to be artistic license. Kind of like with stories and poems written from the point of view of people who have been killed. Say, why don’t you tell folks who have this poem on their profiles themselves that’s it’s factually incorrect in many areas?

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