To the critics who are harassing me

You dared me and guess what?

I have to put up with your flames and harassment on FanFiction and the LU members and CU who are creating sock accounts and harassing my stories you reported in your forums because I have your regular names blocked.

I don’t have to on my blog. So yes I am editing your comments Want to know why? Because I can’t do anything about it on Fanfiction but report your comments. Will FF mods delete them? Maybe. Maybe not.

At least here, I’m in control.

I have to put up with you people calling me a shit stain, asswipe and retard on FanFiction but I don’t have to put up with it here.

So go on commenting. I dare you.

Don’t like it? Don’t comment.

Until next time – Stay strong. Keep writing.


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14 responses to “To the critics who are harassing me”

  1. Reporter of the Literate Union says :

    I am a coward and a cry baby. No one loves me.

    I also do the cha cha like a sissy girl.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      You are a literate union member. You may not have called me a shit stain yourself but someone you associate with did. You may not be creating the sock accounts to harass me on my story because I have you blocked but your friends did. You’re the ones that need to grow up. Not me.

      • Reporter of the Literate Union says :

        I have Roman orgies with farm animals. They are the only things that take me seriously in life so this is why I do what I do at FanFiction. Maybe someone there will give me the attention I crave.

      • fucriticsunited says :

        I hear electroshock therapy will help you with that. Look in to it.

  2. fucriticsunited says :

    I left this one alone because I’m not Tanaboi or whoever you think I am. I’m not affiliated with any anti LU or CU or any critic/tattle tale group on FF and if you’re a member of an anti forum more power to you.

    And yet I’m the troll. Nice. Really nice.

    Yes, LU has attacked one of my stories.

    Yes. CU has attacked another.

    Yes. Both are still on FanFiction. You want to know more than that, figure it out yourself.

    If you’ll notice in the anti abortion post I clearly stated I was female as evident by the fact I have been pregnant and delivered a child. Last I checked, human men can not get pregnant.

  3. Weegee says :

    I like you. If you want to take down those tattle tale groups I am willing to help you.

  4. Mighty Daedalus says :

    You think I’m not good enough to be in the block list?!

  5. Silver Raditz says :

    Nobody likes me. I have to pay people to be my friends. $500 sound good to you?

  6. Mighty Daedalus says :

    I don’t stalk people like you. Name calling? I don’t even know you.

    Unless… you’re a certain someone who’s citrus island story had been taken down cause of me?

    Other than that, i don’t know who the heck r u

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