Answer me this…

Seems I’m quite popular among the critics on FanFiction.  Yay?

A few things to those critics:

1.  I do not have a penis.  I am very much so a woman.

2.  The reason this blog is called FU Critics United and not FU Critics is because at the time of my first post, CU was the only one to attack one of my stories.  Shortly there after, LU found the same story and attacked me.  Yes, the story is still active on FanFiction.  Want to know my true ID?  You figure it out.

3.  Why is it when I ask you a valid question regarding your methods, the only thing you can do is call me a troll and insult my family?  Is that really all you’ve got?

4.  Are you physically incapable of answering a question without calling me a shitstained asswipe?

You love to sling the mud around and piss people off, yet when I ask a question, I get called a troll.


So for those critics who are reading me this, answer these questions:

1.  Do you actually read any of the stories you find on FanFiction or do you just randomly browse and glance at the first chapter and report it to the forums if the author violates the rules?

2.  Do you feel bad when a GOOD story you reported gets deleted? Yes, I know there are some awful works on FanFiction and yes, I can get behind you on their deletion, but when a good story gets deleted, do you celebrate?

There are several stories on your forum with thousands of reviews and hundreds of followers that are really quite good, yet you reported them.

3.  Have you ever seen a story that violated the rules and neglected to inform the forums because you found the story well written or you liked the story?

Until next time – Stay strong.  Keep writing.


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20 responses to “Answer me this…”

  1. Hans says :

    Why would anyone want to open a dialogue with you when you, which you freely admit doing, edit and insult people whose comments you don’t agree with?

    Why should anyone bother with you and try to answer your questions knowing you’d do this if you don’t like the answers?

    Don’t try to play innocent or victim when you’re as guilty of all the things you claim the others have done.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      I’ve never called anyone a shitstained asswipe on FanFiction or anywhere else.

      I don’t create sock FanFiction names to harass and PM users because an author has them blocked.

      I don’t tattle to the teacher for stories that violate rules that no one cares

      I don’t insult authors who write less than par stories on FanFiction – a site where EVERYONE should be free to write what they want and if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

      So no. I’m not like the others.

  2. wesfanemt333 says :

    The stories I tend to report happen to be the real person fanfics, which are a legal issue for FFN. And the A Cinderella Story section gets bogged down with a bunch of Jonas fics and original fics.

    Others are on a case by case basis. I usually let people know that their fanfic breaks the rules. I don’t just report stories for the heck of it.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      Have you ever seen a good story that breaks the rules and let it slide?

      And thanks for the honest answer. That’s what I wanted.

      • wesfanemt333 says :

        A few times. Plus, when I warn someone, I don’t report them twenty seconds later. I give people a chance to make changes. Of course, a lot of the authors ignore what I’ve told them, or make threats. That’s when I start using the report button.

  3. Whambulance says :

    I warn people, if I see no one else has. If someone has repeated reviews from others and has clearly ignored them, then I just report them.

    It’s a little funny, one of the people I reviewed, I have ended up helping them clean up their story.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      You both are two of the nice ones. I wish the others were like you. I asked for honest answers and I got them without being called a shitstain. Thank you.

      • Whambulance says :

        So, how did I end up on the block list? I’m not horribly offended, but it was surprising.

      • fucriticsunited says :

        I don’t have you blocked on either this FF account or my main one with my stories on it. Someone asked for me to put together a list of the LU, LawlClan, CU and the Eliminator members on the blog so I did.

  4. Silver Raditz says :

    I lost my virginity to a vacuum cleaner.

  5. N. Harmonik says :

    Rules are important. If people didn’t obey them, the website would be awash with lawsuits. I hope you don’t say rules are unimportant in front of police officers and/or your children.

    …say, which FanFiction.Net rules do you find irksome anyway?

    • fucriticsunited says :

      Theres a huge difference between speeding or robbing a bank and not having any you based or chat style fictions on the site.

      Robbing a bank hurts someone. Speeding hurts someone. Having a you based story doesn’t hurt anyone.

      • N. Harmonik says :

        I can’t be too sure since the administrators don’t explain but I think the reason why you-based stories aren’t allowed is because somebody could write a fic detailing horrific things happening to the reader and said reader could be a child. And I think chat/script stories aren’t allowed because they encourage laziness in that authors won’t describe the surroundings when it doesn’t take place in a chatroom. You could try asking the admins yourself.

      • fucriticsunited says :

        There are some damn funny chat stories though. Some are awful. I’ll give you that but Ive favorited dozens of chat stories in different topics of FF that are funny as hell. Not all of them are bad and they’re certainly not lazy.

        The real person stories I get. I make a story about Ellen Pompeo and FF and I could be sued for using her likeness without permission.

        Not all the stories on FF that break the rules should be deleted. There are some damn funny ones that should be left alone. If FF was that worried about the rule we would be required to submit our stories for moderation by a group of FF employees who review each and every story before they could be published.

        I also publish on Twilighted and I have to submit my stories to be reviewed before they’re published on the site.

  6. Kamadaka says :

    You are so right. We’re a bunch of d-bags….

  7. Gigatron says :

    I only report those who copy stories from other authors without asking permission from the original author. I also read and compare plagiarized text with the original text before making a decision.

  8. PercyandKatnisFan says :

    1. Yes. I originally came to FF to write stories and read stories. I still do.

    2. I feel very bad if a story that IS NOT against the rules is deleted but I l’m just like ‘f u’ when authors that have violating stories that have been deleted come whining to me.

    3. No. However good the story is, rules are rules. I see a story against the rules that has tons of reviews and views in a chapter a BIGGER reason to report the story because it proves that the story is actually liked and has been on the site for long.
    These days I even suggest ways for the story to be fixed. A true CCer I am! However, DIE TROLLS!

  9. Izraill says :

    Well, I, as independent critic, (not member of any movement yet), have my answers to those questions and I would like to talk to you. if you wish, we can discuss via e-mail (Don’t worry, I’m a rational person). I always enjoy an argument with civilized people, and not just with people who PM and block. Now, the questions.

    1. I just report when I read something breaking the rules and the author ignores my review telling them they break the rules. I just go to the archive of my fandoms to read some good stories and occasionally I find some rule-breaking fic around there randomly. I read it and review.

    2. This is a hard question, but I’ll answer sincerely. Rules are rules, there have been awesome works that I LOVED, but they broke the rules. I tried to reason with the author, but they just didn’t listen and the story was taken down. I don’t like when that happens, it makes me sad, but rules are rules.

    3. I’ve never neglected to inform about a rule breaking story. Like I said before, rules are rules.

    I’ll be checking other posts in this interesting blog you have. I’ll expect replies or e-mails. See you.

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