I was wondering why my hits kept skyrocketing.

I’m popular!

Thanks guys!

What’s sad is that it seemingly took you people a while to find “that blasted author of that blog” when it was LINKED TO MY FANFICTION ACCOUNT ALL ALONG!



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11 responses to “Well…”

  1. Izraill says :

    I find your blog interesting, although I do not agree with your opinion. No, I’m not a member of any critics group, I’m just an indepenent critic in FFN. Though I lurk in some forums like CU and FR. I would like to discuss about your opinions. No insults, no trolls, just a friendly discussion. you can e-mail me to izraill255@hotmail.com , PM me on FFN (Same username and pic as here) or addme to facebook (I’ll send you de link to my fb if you want by PM or e-mail). I’ll be expecting a reply from you here, on my e-mail, or my FFN PM inbox.

    Thanks for your attention.

  2. Daedalus IX says :

    Great. Now you have a crush on Keep!

    What, am i not good enough for you?

  3. Daedalus IX says :

    Do you think Edward Cullen would go out with me?

  4. fucriticsunited says :

    They don’t know who I am because I have two FF accounts. This one and the one they’ve reported. Again, please read why it’s FU Critics United and not FU Critcs and quite frankly I don’t care if they notice me or not. I put this up to warn other FF readers.

  5. Prince Morpheus says :

    Hmmm… very interesting…

    I agree Daedalus IX is not a nice person. He flames and flames with no reason…

    What kinda shocked me (I mean absolutely no offense to you.) is that he is not on the blocked list and yet he has two posts devoted to him.

    I find it strange, but once again, it is my observation.

    I find your posts very insightful and informative. Now we know who are the troll forums and the good ones.

    Though, another observation, it is called FUcriticsunited, i hardly see any posts devoted to them. Only Eliminator.

    Is it a separate agenda? Maybe not, but i do hope you keep writing! I want to know more, so I’ll be waiting for any new posts you have in mind to… well, post!

    • fucriticsunited says :

      At the time, CU was the only one who targeted my stories. After that, the Eliminators and the Dae person started harassing me on my stories as well as through PMs on FF telling me they hoped my kids died in Hurricane Sandy and that I was a slut. I started blocking the members on FF and they were using multiple sock accounts to harass and threaten my kids, my husband and me. I reported all to FanFiction and sent screen shots of the horrible notes they sent me and reported all of the nasty reviews calling me a retarded shit stain slut.

      The blog is about all the critic groups on FF but at the time when I started this, it was just CU which is why I haven’t changed it. CU was actually the nicer of the groups as all they did was point out my story and report it. A few of the reports were hostile, but they weren’t signed and I was able to delete them from my stories.

      I also haven’t updated my block list on the blog post in a while which is why Dae isn’t on it.

      • Prince Morpheus says :

        Well, , I must commend your bravery. You are a thorn on their side and it impresses some…

        Well, are you making more posts?

  6. Gigatron says :

    Can I send you a couple more screenshots of IX’s flames?

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