Remember one thing

You are the ones calling me a slut and telling me I’m a bipolar asswipe and you hope my kids die. Real mature.

Im the enemy here apparently but you don’t consider yourselves trolls?

Compensating are we?

So keep on coming back and calling me a slut even though I’m a happily married woman and all of you still live at home in your parents basement and play Dungeons and Dragons on the weekend and I’ll keep editing your comments.

Why? Cause it pisses you off. Cause I find it funny.

Now you know how we feel on FanFiction when you call us asswipe fucktards.


6 responses to “Remember one thing”

  1. Daedalus IX says :


    You’re Immature because you change what we say, probably why no one else replies. Your life is sad.

  2. Daedalus IX says :

    1.) “I’m” has an apostrophe.
    2.) It should be CUZ, not CAUSE.
    3.) This is barely insulting. Dating Edward Cullen? Electroshock treatment? Having no friends? That is hardly insulting.

    I’d take this seriously without the typos xD

  3. Whambulance says :

    Umm, haven’t said anything like that, to anyone. Not even in real life.

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