Ah, the irony.

My apologies for the lack of posts.  Since Sandy, my web access at home has been hit or miss.   Power was restored within a few days and then promptly went off again a day and a half later and then stayed off for a week, but the Internet and Time Warner, well, that’s another story.

It’s reader submission day!  Have something you want me to publish?  Send it to me at FUCRITICSUNITED at YAHOO dot COM


I took great pride in reporting this fic.  All of my readers should report it as well.  Go on.  Have a blast!

Bad grammar is bad

I think all of us would take you people more seriously if you’d learn the basics of grammar.

Have to admire his honesty

This one just made me laugh.  Like my mum always said, honesty is the best policy.

Grammar is harder than it looks apparently.

Again, if you want us to take you seriously, please learn proper spelling and grammar.  It’s about as bad as being pulled over by the police for not wearing your seat belt when the cop didn’t even have hers on either.   (Thank you to my reader who goes by M for the example)


Find the error!

Do  schools not teach grammar lessons?

Another submission by my reader who asked that I call him/her M

No wonder my hits are going up…

No words…

Now that I’ve bashed my head against a wall a few times, time for me to sign out.

I hope to be doing another reader submission post later on this week. If not, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


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9 responses to “Ah, the irony.”

  1. The Naked Truth says :

    I didn’t know Daedulus IX was ever a member of CU! No wonder he was such a jerk!

    I think it’s funny that CU is supposedly being run by new people now, even though everyone knows it’s all the same people with different accounts. And did anyone else notice that the CU member who was supposed to be dead and they kept insisting it was just a rumor …. has disappeared?

    Those douchebags lie about EVERYTHING. Why haven’t they been shut down yet?

    Did you know that Boots to Asses, Lifequasher, Mr Perfectionist and the rest of Eliminator are all the same person? Trolls.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up!

      • The Naked Truth says :

        He is also Mr Hanzo Hattori and Brad Hawke.

        What do you think about some of the lies? Do you believe it’s “new management” or is it still the same old, same old? And what about all of the members that are gone — do you think they all quit, or did the new management kick a bunch of them out? I hate to admit it, but I fell for the whole uproar last summer about how that member died and they had supposedly taken over her account. Then they made such a fuss about denying it and made a big deal about her quitting that I thought it must be a lie. And then the she just vanished. Poof –no posts anywhere, no new stories, nothing. I even PMd her asking for the truth and got no answer at all.

        Can they really be that cold? Can they really be that . . . evil? I thought they were just arrogant douchebags, but now I just don’t know.

      • fucriticsunited says :

        Yes. There are some people who are that cold and callused. They don’t care who they hurt, even going so far as to wish my children dead.

        They are “arrogant douchebags” but there’s also an underlying layer of just plain evilness. These are the people you see on top of buildings with sniper rifles shooting at student nurses.

    • The CUh8tr says :

      I need to repent my sins. I am sorry for being a jackass and hurting people.

  2. The Naked Truth says :

    You really think the members of CU are dangerous like that? Wow. I just got chills. Maybe someone should call in the police about the level of bullying these people are getting away with.

    I guess maybe that poor girl really did die last year and they don’t even have the decency to acknowledge it. I hope they leave her account alone and let her rest in peace.

    Keep up the good work you’re doing here! I’ll do anything I can to help support you.

    • fucriticsunited says :

      Dangerous as in do I worry about one of them killing my children? No. Most of them don’t even live in the USA and yes, I’ve mentioned that Hurricane Sandy hit my area, but she hit all along the east coast, so unless someone wants to knock on every door from South Carolina to Maine, that’s about the only way they’ll find my exact house.

      Ask any mother what she’ll do to protect her children and you’ll have my answer.

      If you have any screen shots, send them my way. FU Critics united at yahoo dot com

  3. Hidan says :

    Hey, thumbs up to the person below me!

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