More people to add to your block list

Thank you to my readers “M” and “Cookie” for the following submissions:

A Ghost Who Walks

A Helping Rusher

Absolute Honesty



AC Thorn

Aeikon Devleon

Agent of Loki

Agent Maine




A Tengu Reporter


Bill’s King

Bitter Sea Light

B.V. The Epic

Captain Slow’s Washing Machine

Cheese on Your Cracker

Chimerical Knave

Clean Up Fan Fiction

Corner Of A Paradise


Corrupted Lament


Cotton Candy Mareep

Cryptological Mystic



Daedalus IX




Doctor Edward Richtofen

Don’t Talk Shit About Total


Elizabeth Burke

Erase Myself

Evil is My Middle Name

Exploding Head

F-5 Storm

Feathers and W i s h e s

ffn notices



flamestar211 2.0


Hannah Anafeloz




Hazel Roses


I (the account is just the letter I)


I’m Your Pitiful Life

I Vomit Rainbows



Lissie Lupin

Lord Kelvin

Madame Apathy

Master Fan Fiction


Power ReviewR


Profile Has Been Closed

Quiet Librarian


Rebulus Silverspawn

We’d take you seriously if you could spell…

Red Soul Eater

Review Initiative


Rowan Atkinson

S. Flame Eve




Silent Wreckage

Silver Symphony

Silvering Blue


Sookies Best

Too bad you can’t

Soul of Paladin

St. Elsewhere

Stop Bad FF

swinging from saturn

The Critic Of Doom

The Gone Angel

The Pirate on Wheels

The Proud CC Giver

The Sky Hedgehogian Maestro

The Storm-Mist account


To Be Left Blank

Toki Shinken

Two Ghosts in One Mirror

U Da Sexay

Ultimate Jelly Sandwich


Want Good Fan Fiction

Wolfy The Christmas Queen


Written Plague




Y. Honey

Yemi Hikari


You’ve Just Been Sarge’d


Got any more to add?  Send them my way!
Of note:  I do not know if any of the above listed are members of Critics United, Lawlclan, Defenders, Eliminator, the Literate Union, Fanfiction Renaissance, and any cops out there.  These were all reader submissions.
This one is not someone to block, but the profile made me laugh:
The LU Should Commit Suicide

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25 responses to “More people to add to your block list”

  1. Silent Hero says :

    You might as well erase Defenders, because those guys were destroyed by their idiot PercyandKatnisfan because hes in love with Lifequasher…

    Haha, its funny to watch them destroy themselves!

  2. Gigatron says :

    Storm-Mist Account is against Eliminator, CU, LU, and LawlClan.

  3. The CUh8tr says :

    There are rumours going around that the Literate Union is going to target you, try to hack your page, etc.

    I suggest being mindful as this isn’t the first time they’ve tried (and they succeeded in the past) in going after someone for “the lulz”.

  4. OrangeFeels says :

    Hi. Happened to stumble across this blog yesterday, and I was curious about one thing- why is Rebulus Silverspawn on this list? I’ve read a few of his stories before, and he never struck me as someone to block (his profile is purposely misspelled apparently).

  5. Sputnik - LU member says :

    Hey, why I am not on here?

  6. Yours Truly, Angry Mob says :

    Oh, you did put Daedalus IX on the block list. Sorry.

  7. Daedalus IX says :

    @Yours Truly, Angry Mob: DO you have some sort of crush with me? Did I flame you or something?


    It worked.

    The blog is looking fine and dandy!

  8. Mayday200 says :

    Why exactly am I up there? I was with the Defenders and the Eliminators for a moment, but I left.

  9. Sky Hedgehogian Maestro says :

    Not exactly sure what I’m doing up there. I’ve never been a part of Critics United, Literate Union, or any other critics group, nor do I really want to be (I’ve actually been the target of them at times, and Lord Kelvin has some grudge against me). Just a free-lance concritter.
    Wait- did someone get a concrit and then get their story removed? Or did they just over-react to concrit?

    • Reven says :

      *slams door in face* Excuses. If you wanted an apology, then it’s too late for that. And like anyone cares about what troll hates you. And how do we know youre not just trolling now?

    • FU Critics United says :

      Sky, someone submitted your name after they got a concrit from you and their story was deleted by FF mods.

      • Reven says :

        Dont explain anything to that troll just do what I did and attack! You want to show the Exterminators that we’re not playing? Then man up. Don’t explain stuff to every crying patsy saying “Oh I don’t want to be on your list, It wasn’t my fault I’m a good person lets be friends!” (cuz chances are they’re lying). Do those literate union asswipes do that to your stories?
        Im sick and tired of waiting around here I want to get some fucking results.

      • FU Critics United says :

        Well, then. By all means, go get some results. I don’t believe that leaving anonymous reviews is the answer though – especially since authors have the power to moderate and delete them. I’ve had several LU members anonymous review my story and it’s easy to delete their ramblings when you’ve got them all blocked and they’re forced to review anonymously. You’re sinking to their level and being a bit childish, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.

        However, you might want to learn the difference between your/you’re if you’re going to chastise someone’s work.

  10. Sky Hedgehogian Maestro says :

    Oh, that was you? Meh, I don’t delete anonymous reviews. To me, they’re just destructive criticism and review count boosters. Well then, regardless of your opinion of me, I want to say something to FU Critics United.
    @ FU Critics United: Watch your back. The LU/ CU/ lesser known entities will find ways to infiltrate things like this blog and even become respected members and you may never know they ever passed through. I’m almost certain they know I’ve posted here disavowing them, and they probably already know about what Reven did before s/he mentioned it. They’re close friends with the site mods, and from what I’ve heard they intermingle off-site. So if you play to jack the Critics United…
    …then you’d better be pretty damn ready to jack FanFiction.Net. It’s either a revolt or a revolution.
    I wouldn’t take all of this so seriously and with such depth, but I do know of the lengths some of the true cyberbullies go to. That being said, I’d recommend congregating on many more different sites- especially Archive Of Our Own and the delightfully indie FanFiction Archive
    I just feel that FFN is too far gone, and it might be a painful thought- another start- but the odds are we’ll be better off.

    • Agua says :


      Like cyber bullying groups before them(The Fireplace, The FU or something(another group founded by Rome Beauty that the LU branched off of; fighting those, narcissistic, xenophobic, @$$holes with unwarranted sorry importance(just graduating to troll) just feeds their usi.r

      They will wear and defeat you with simply bullying tactics similar to how a toddler would with tantrums:
      “The Silent Monk: But do not name it my friend, for it’s like water; nothing can overcome water, yet it can overcome rock. It does not fight; it moves around the opponent, boneless, nameless. The true master dwells within. Only you can be free.”

      The only way you can hurt them(defeat is impossible as long as they can post on FFN), is exposing them. This is one of the only level playing fields you have against them(because they bully):

      But they don’t matter because they’re insignificant, troubled twits who lead ugly lives. Dont get sucked into their ugliness. And there are better archives than FFN that don’t harbor/support bullies and make or enforce ineffective rules.

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