Another one

From the page where I can review or delete comments:


I left this one unedited.


27 responses to “Another one”

  1. SkyGaze says :

    Oh my god….That’s just…plain mean!
    What have you done to deserve to be called this?
    What is it with kids these days? Can’t you just block whoever is commenting such mean comments?

  2. Gigatron says :

    That troll should be jailed for harassment. Enough said.

  3. FU Critics United says :

    Want me to screenshot the email too?

    As for the he swears it isn’t his comment thing: Ever hear of a troll? Someone who prances around with a hijacked or similar account?

  4. SkyGaze says :

    I searched this person on, and he’s actually there.
    He claims to be on the website only to clean, but he doesn’t state which troll group he’s associated with. You’ll find him under the same name he posted the comment with.

  5. Prince Morpheus says :

    Good God! This is plain awful!

    Why did this troll have to include your kids? They have nothing to do with this…

  6. Prince Morpheus says :

    You’re welcome.

    Those guys are the worst… they make Mr. Perfectionist and Daedalus IX seem like church boys…

    • SkyGaze says :

      I was never targeted by either of them..but the way you talk about them, I’m sure that meeting them is not a really good experience..

  7. Prince Morpheus says :

    It’s not.

    Daedalus is scarier than MP, who seems like a little girl compared to Dix…

    But apparently, he’s mending his ways (Dae) he even sent me an apology message!

    • SkyGaze says :

      That’s quiet a thing…a flamer sending an apology message…
      I won’t believe it though…once a flamer always a flamer.
      No one knows, maybe he could change his mind and revert back to his nasty side again.

  8. Hidan says :

    No good :S

  9. Daedalus IX says :

    Hey… I just want to let you ALL know that I am sorry for everything I’ve done…

    Please, try to understand that I want to change, starting here.

    I’m sorry if I had offended any of you.

    That is all.

  10. Daedalus IX says :

    I want to change my ways, so I decided not to flame again.

    It’s sincere, trust me.

  11. Daedalus IX says :

    I know… besides, I joined a new forum anyways… Forgetting flaming and stuff.

    Which is why I decided to apologize to everyone.

  12. Yours Truly, Angry Mob says :

    I am disgusted by the things people have said to you. No matter what you’ve done to them, things they’ve said are unneeded and abhorrent. However, I’m not surprised. Many CU/LU/Eliminator/LawlClan members are good people, but there will always be nasty people. You should add Daedalus IX to your block list by the way.
    Yours Truly, Angry Mob( on under same pen name)
    PS: I support most of this blog. Keep writing it!

    • FU Critics United says :

      I plan on continuing.

      The ones threatening my children claimed to be members of CU. They’re not. I’ve settled that part with CU members.

      Daedalus is on my block list on another post. He has since apologized for everything he’s said to me or about my children and has said he’s changing his ways and he’s no longer flaming. I hope he sticks to his words. His flames were some of the worst I’ve seen.

  13. Daedalus IX says :

    @Angry Mob: I’m seriously getting pissed off with you. If you have a problem with me, then PM me about it instead of bad mouthing me, you spastic coward!

    (Insert writer’s name) I have kept my word.

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