As you requested

Screen shots from my email about the previous post.

This is getting old.

Above is from a comment I didn’t approve.

Can’t come up with any better material than threatening my kids? Really?

This one is from the previous post.

Then again, why do I even bother?  Even with the proof, you people will still send me half a dozen comments calling me a lying slut and yeah, I’ll delete all of them.

I post them edited.  You people call me a lying slut.

I post them unedited.  You people still call me a lying slut.

And you think I’m bipolar…

Do the world a favor.  Go to and look up the meaning of the word slut.  You people clearly don’t know what it means.


2 responses to “As you requested”

  1. Night Wolf says :

    I recognize that writing style. Those flames you got? They’re the same ones Boots to asses (Also known as Lifequasher) the owner of the Eliminator forum always uses.
    Well, CU isn’t paying you attention, but it seems that troll forum is.
    Good for you, now you have real trolls to tangle with.

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