Does it make you feel important

When you trolls threaten my kids and call me a slut?

Really? This is old. Find new material.

Same comment as above but screen shot from the WP comment page. I know how you people love proof though you’ll still call me a lying shit stained whorebag slut.

Courtesy of a reader submission, I got this:

Turn about is fair play

Don’t like it much when someone treats you like you treated me, huh?

Add this Citrus person to your block list!

Since you obviously have no clue how to use a dictionary, I used it for you:

Your word lesson of the day is…

Word number 2. I hope your tiny brain can handle the load of new information.

Word number 3

And the last one for the day. I wouldn’t want anyone’s brain combusting from overuse. 

You’re welcome.


7 responses to “Does it make you feel important”

  1. The CUh8tr says :

    Sour Citrus isn’t a member of CU

    • FU Critics United says :

      His profile on FF says he’s a proud member of CU.

      Even if he isn’t, remember the phrase “You are who you hang with.” He’s the one giving CU a bad name with his comments just like other members of other concrit groups do by calling people retards and fuckwads.

      • The CUh8tr says :

        His name isn’t in their “our members” list and CU just now out up a special announcement up about someone claiming to be a member and attacking blogs in their name.

        I’m no fan of CU but this is really starting to look like someone trying to create trouble for all parties for whatever reason.

        There were rumors going around about how the troll forum Eliminator was trying to create “forum wars” between the groups and those that were against them. I have to wonder if this is just someone attempting it/

      • FU Critics United says :

        I’ve been attacked by both CU, LU and Eliminator members on this blog with the slight edge going out to Eliminator members for being the most violent. My stories have been attacked by CU and LU on FanFiction. I do appreciate the announcement that you made and will try to get over and take a look at it when I get a spare minute. I have differing opinions from the concrit groups and I understand that, but telling someone they wish they would commit suicide after murdering their children and the constant tossing around of the words slut, whorebag, shitstain and asswipe have got to go.

        If I can do anything to help CU weed out the bad members like the member Sour Grapes or whatever his name is, let me know. I can provide ISP addresses if needed.

  2. The CUh8tr says :

    As an FYI – Sour Citrus has since changed his name to “liverandonions” and no longer claims to be a member of Critics United.

  3. Ten says :

    Yep, it seems the members and supporters of the troll forum Eliminator are manipulating you into trying to create anti-CU drama.
    Well… I could say a thing or two about how the fact a bunch of trolls using you makes you look, but I won’t.
    You can hate on CU all you want, but be smarter than those trolls.

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