I have a question

I know through reading reviews left by several concritter members that using real people isn’t allowed due to lawsuits.

The gaggle of teen girls uploading One Direction FF stories is alarming.  I know that OD is one of the areas that the fine members of CU target.

However, my question is this:

Why is it FF doesn’t get sued for using Meredith Grey’s character in a story or using another TV show character in a story?

When a movie is filmed, if an actor or actress makes a comment about another movie, the studio filming has to get permission to use their likeness.

Back to the Future III was an example I know of.   When Marty gets into the time machine, the ravine on the edge of town was Clayton’s Ravine   However at the end of the movie, it’s changed to Eastwood Ravine because Marty used Clint Eastwood’s name when he went back to the 1800s in the DeLorean.   The producers of BTTF3 had to get permission from Mr. Eastwood to use his name in the film.

Another example would be Robin Williams’s character in Mrs. Doubtfire.  He makes several references throughout the movie to Dances With Wolves as well as Barbara Striesand and I remember reading an interview with him about the movie that the production people were frantically trying to catch all the references he made in the movie so they could get permission to use them.

Even singers who mention someone or a movie in a song have to get permission.

So why is it FF doesn’t get sued for using a TV or movie character, but they could possibly get sued for using a famous celebrity or a band?

To me, it seems it’s the same thing.  I don’t own One Direction nor do I own Grey’s Anatomy.  I don’t know who owns OD but Shonda Rhimes owns GA and the characters within.

Do any of you have any thoughts as to why it’s okay for us to use their likeness?

Is it because our stories we write are not for profit?  Is it because no one takes us seriously anyway?

I’d love to hear your opinions.


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