Grammar Nazi is not pleased.

One of the main things that the concritter groups do on FF is go after people gently prod those who need help in the grammar and spelling department.
I’ve made blog posts devoted to those who brand themselves a concritter yet fail to master the basics of grammar for their work before they go out bashing other works.

The same holds true in real life.  I’m surrounded by those who think your and you’re are the same word.

Their/There/They’re – Why not?

To/Too/Two: Again, they can be used interchangeably.

There’s a whole mess of people on Facebook who can’t spell their way out of a wet paper bag, but one thing I’d like to point out:



If you want me to shop at your store, learn proper grammar.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


4 responses to “Grammar Nazi is not pleased.”

  1. Greyshade says :

    I’d like to throw my two cents here regarding swear words you received. If you have the IP addresses, then it’s better to report them to the police. If you think it’s too troublesome, then you can simply ask the admin of FFNet to verify the address. They may help you by providing the real user account. You have evidence; lots of them. It’s enough to slap sense to those pathetic guys.

    I do this merely for the sake of your children. I don’t care about you, but children shouldn’t be insulted.

    Oh and regarding your accusation about our forum, Eliminator. We have nothing to do with you and your web since we’ve revoked Daedalus membership. I assured you that none of us, besides Daedalus posted to your web and started calling you names. Hope this little comment help you.

    With regard,

    • FU Critics United says :

      “I don’t care about you.”

      At least you’re honest.

      Rest assured, the feeling is more than likely mutual.

      I know who one of the posters was. He was an arsehurt little troll who got kicked out of CU after I turned him in to one of the members. Guess he can’t take criticism. I spoke with three CU members who all verified that the information Arsehurt provided was not the CU members he was listing. I never spoke directly with the CU members he tried to become, but did speak to three members.

      Dae has since apologised for his antics. Whether he was serious or not, I don’t know. I do know he hasn’t bothered me since his apology and judging from that, I hope he was sincere.

      • Greyshade says :

        I guess he apologized sincerely. We decided to revoke his membership after his hurtful comment. I hope you two don’t encounter each other again.

        Some kids usually want to look cool by joining those forums, CU, LU, or Eli. They think those people will back them up.

        Well, maybe it’ll be my last comment. A greeting for your children.

  2. thehabsgirl says :

    Grammer Nazi!!!! Haha once my teacher said he was a grammar Nazi and wrote ‘grammer nazi’ on the board.

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