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This one just made me laugh

From a different reader submission:



While I don’t condone violence or suicide, I do find this one funny espeically given all the flack I’ve taken – as well as the violence threats against my children – for this blog.


More block additions

From a reader:

That Dirty Spot on Chan’s Wall

Doctor Edward Richtofen

Sasha the Espeon

XD Cellos and Books Rule X

Bucket Full Of Ninjas

Spiraling Storm of Destruction

Monster the Vamelfair

Semi-Dead Sociopath



A Friendly Little Reminder – Claims to be part of CU but is not on their list of members

Agent Maine

The Muffin Man’s Wife



Shopaholic Pixie

The Critic Of Doom

The Creamster

The Proud CC Giver

This is boring

Vampire Jester

Winter Misery

Wise Stupidity


 I know a lot of you have commented that not all of these people are members of LU, CU, LC or the rest of them.  I don’t really care.  I get lists of members who are abusive concritters and I post them here for my readers.  That’s all.

Another one to block

I rely on my readers to submit names for blocking.  Occasionally I’ll come upon a name, but for the most part, the names you see on the block lists are reader submissions.

That being said, I got this comment over the weekend:

Congrats! You've made it!

Congrats! You’ve made it!

The reason you weren’t on the list in the first place is because no one told me about you.  But now, your desire to be on my blog has been obtained.

Please, because he asked for it, add him to your block list.

You’re welcome.

This made me laugh

There’s a “story” on that is only one line. 

It’s called Percy Jackson Becomes A God.  It’s one whole sentence long.


I don’t know who you are, PurpleNutella, but you are my new hero.

New CU Members

While my beef with CU has subsided some, I still don’t agree with what they’re doing.  Many authors pour their hearts and souls in a work only to have it attacked by others for breaking “rules.”

However, I was told by a reader that they recently added a new member to their forums.

Patchwork Doll is their newest, so feel free to add his/her name to your block list as well.

Question for the concritters

If there’s been one question I’ve been asked over and over again in my email, it’s why do the concritters not have any stories on their accounts?

Many of them have their concritting account and their writing account.

The public wants to know: Why two accounts?  Is your writing that bad? Are you that embarrassed?  Do you not want to deal with the harassment that we deal with from you on your own writings?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy New Year to my readers.  May it be a good one.