More block additions

From a reader:

That Dirty Spot on Chan’s Wall

Doctor Edward Richtofen

Sasha the Espeon

XD Cellos and Books Rule X

Bucket Full Of Ninjas

Spiraling Storm of Destruction

Monster the Vamelfair

Semi-Dead Sociopath



A Friendly Little Reminder – Claims to be part of CU but is not on their list of members

Agent Maine

The Muffin Man’s Wife



Shopaholic Pixie

The Critic Of Doom

The Creamster

The Proud CC Giver

This is boring

Vampire Jester

Winter Misery

Wise Stupidity


 I know a lot of you have commented that not all of these people are members of LU, CU, LC or the rest of them.  I don’t really care.  I get lists of members who are abusive concritters and I post them here for my readers.  That’s all.


6 responses to “More block additions”

  1. Lol says :

    When did “A Friendly Little Reminder” ever even ‘claim’ to be part of the CU. On their profile, they simply say that they report stories to the CU. Nor do the CU even claim that “A Friendly Little Reminder” is an associated member.

    Read before you post please.

    And what threats against your children? It seems to me that they have all stopped. In fact, most of these forums and their leaders have embargoed even commenting on this worthless piece. You don’t even have proof.

    Once again, think before you post.

    • FU Critics United says :

      YOU need to read and think before you post.

      I don’t verify anything about these members before I post. I don’t have time to hunt them down. I ask for reader submissions of people they’ve dealt with who have left nasty, rude or flame comments and list them here.

      I get reader submissions about members to block, I post them. If they claim to be a member of LU, CU, LC or whatever and they’re not – not my problem.

      I do have a link to current CU members and saw that whoever that person that was reported was not a member. That’s all the research I’ve done.

      As for the threats against my children, I’ve gotten two comments this weekend threatening them again and another LU member or LawlClan member or whoever Boots 2 Asses claims to associate with calling me – you guessed it – a slut and a whore. As to the proof, I’ve provided screen shots. I can’t help it if you don’t believe me and I don’t give a rat’s arse if you do or not.

  2. OrangeFeels says :

    “I don’t verify anything about these members before I post. I don’t have time to hunt them down. I ask for reader submissions of people they’ve dealt with who have left nasty, rude or flame comments and list them here.”

    Although I understand where you’re coming from with this statement, I have to point out a potential flaw here in how you get your information, one that some people are questioning at the moment. Is it possible that someone who submits names to you could be submitting names of people that have NEVER left any sort of nasty review or concrit? It’s just a theory, so please don’t take it as if I’ve accused all your submitters of doing this- I am, as I said earlier, just pointing out a potential flaw. Yet, you have to wonder if you can truly rely on these people to send you names that are truly relevant,

    Also, I’m sorry you’ve received threats against both yourself and your children. No person should stoop that low as to make threats against innocent children, and it sickens me that there are people out there doing just that. Perhaps they’ll back off once they realize that their threats aren’t stopping you from voicing your opinion…until then, I wish you confidence in your next venture.

    • FU Critics United says :

      I don’t have the time to research every single person that is submitted. Most of the ones that are submitted are members of LU, CU, LC, Eliminator or another concritter group that I’ve already covered. The ones who claim to be concritters who don’t belong to any group are the ones I am having problems with. I have gotten screen shots of some of the rude comments that indies have given out, but as far as the names submitted without screenies, I should probably check in to those names, but simply don’t have the time.

      • m says :

        Wouldn’t you say that it were rather important to look into names before you post them? You seem to be outing these people for something that they may not even be associated with. If you don’t have the time to verify the names, why post them at all?

      • FU Critics United says :

        I’ve glanced at the names. Most do have something in their profiles about being a flamer or concritter. Some of the names I have proof of what they do in the form of screen shots.

        Are there some on the list that don’t deserve it? Probably.

        However none of us on FF deserve being cursed at and harrassed by someone behind a computer.

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