Another Helpful Hint

If you want us to take your group seriously, learn how to spell.

Then learn the difference between then and than.



Just to clarify:

Than is a conjunction linking two thoughts together. Unlike then, than is not related to time. Than is used in comparative statements. “I’d rather be hung upside down by my toes than have to read one more word of your FanFiction story.” or “My story is better than yours.”

Then shows order. “I am going to rip out your eyeballs with a Spork then feed them to you forcibly because of how horrible your story is.” or “I will be in Tampa then I will be in Miami.”


3 responses to “Another Helpful Hint”

  1. Daedalus IX says :

    Yeah, that’s old, retarded Percy for you…

    Just to clarify, but that loser chickened out long ago and cannot even run a forum properly.

  2. molly says :

    i got some new names for you writergirl64 usualsuspects and this one that wants to join Eliminator Mike Shippo Pierce

    • molly says :

      Mike Shippo Pierce changed his name to Rule Pierce Following. And here is some more names for you to add to the list Inita HoshikuzuZeroG42 DrakeKlavierTsukiG4 smartyPantsu usualsuspects

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