My grammer is gooder then you’re grammer

Yes, I know that is misspelled. I’m making a point.

If there’s one thing that really riles me up, it’s those who claim to be concritters or critics, yet their profiles and reviews are riddled with grammar mistakes.

Case in point:

FF member Artemis zodiac has been hanging around the CU board according to one of my readers.

You're grammer is horryball.

Your grammar is horrible.

If you want us to take you seriously, check your own work for errors.


13 responses to “My grammer is gooder then you’re grammer”

  1. FanficAuthorAndProud says :

    Um…it’s just one word. I understand about annoying trolls and critics who are rude, but when it’s one simple grammar mistake? Come on. Couldn’t you just lighten up a little bit? I feel like at this point you’re just taking any critic, finding the smallest mistake, and blowing it up to elephantine proportions. If you’re going to do this, why not stick to trolls?

    Please don’t write an angry reply. I’m merely expressing my opinion, and I ask that you treat it with the respect I have shown while writing this reply. 🙂

    • FU Critics United says :

      I don’t plan on being rude to you. You were pleasant with me and I appreciate it. Now if you would have called me a filthy slut and said you wanted to murder my kids, that’s a different story.

      The reason that grammar error bothers me is most concritters rip a story to shreds for bad grammar. Your/you’re being one of the biggest offenders. I find it ironic that the same concritters who rip a story to shreds don’t have a firm grasp on grammar which I believe you need before you start pointing out errors in other works.

      It’s kind of like a doctor who gets on to a patient for their poor diet and lack of exercise and eating habits when that doctor lives at McDonalds and eats Big Macs for breakfast, lunch and supper and the only exercise he gets is walking the twenty steps from his car to the building. See what I mean ?

      In other words when a person w bad grammar and spelling errors in their profile or stories corrects another user it’s a case of do as I say, not as I do. It’s a double standard and quite frankly somewhat amusing to me at least.

      • FanficAuthorAndProud says :

        Ah, I understand where you’re coming from now. Those users do seem to be everywhere these days for certain fandoms…hopefully they’ll learn not to judge others when they commit the same crime they berate others about. Although I doubt this will happen…people are stubborn, after all.

  2. The Rocker says :

    You don’t take these groups seriously, but still you’re hiding your true identity. May I know why?

    • FU Critics United says :

      Because I don’t want the same people who harass me here to harass me on my stories. The concritters most often have their concritting account separate from their writing account. They’ll all say that it’s because they don’t want the users they concrit to flame or report their stories.

  3. Ayy says :

    To my knowledge, Artemis zodiac is a freelance concritter not associated with CU at all.

  4. A Little Kitty says :

    I hope that by now you’ve realised that ‘Your grammar is horrible’ is correct, rather than ‘You’re grammar is horrible’. You stated that saying ‘You are grammar is horrible’ is accurate, when it clearly isn’t. ( You’re = You are, by the way). Perhaps check your own grammar before attempting-and failing-to correct other people’s grammar. :3

    • FU Critics United says :

      Firstly, look up irony in the dictionary. You have no idea what it means apparently.

      Secondly, it is spelled wrong on purpose. Duh. I’m making a point.

      I’m fully aware that the way I have it spelled is wrong. It’s done that way on purpose to mock those who correct grammar mistakes when the person doing the correcting has horrid grammar either in their stories, their profile or their critique.

      However if you would have read any of the other posts I’ve made you would have been able to see that I clearly know how to use proper grammar and spelling – including in the other bad grammar posts I’ve made on this blog.

      The title of the post is “My grammer is gooder then you’re grammer.”

      Grammar is spelled wrong on purpose. I even said IN THE POST that it was spelled wrong on purpose.

      You also failed to mention that “gooder” is not even a word. I’m fully aware that it should say “better” and not “gooder.”

      It should also be than your grammar not THEN your grammar.

      Next time, pay attention please to the opening line of the post where I clearly state it’s spelled wrong ON PURPOSE.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. krystaloceana100 says :

    Hmm. I understand that we all make little spelling mistakes (myself included) but I don’t understand why you’re making a big deal of it. If I am a grammar Nazi, does that mean I’m not allowed to make one mistake? I mean, you make mistakes, I make mistakes. We all make mistakes. It’s not that big of a deal. It would be better if we could all just write and critique to help each other and forget about all this drama.

    Thanks for reading this far. 🙂

    • FU Critics United says :

      My point being was that if you’re going to point out mistakes in other works, you should hold yourself to the same standards. I find it laughable when people point out mistakes and their profiles and/or entries are riddled with mistakes.

      • krystaloceana100 says :

        Yes, I will admit to not being perfect. No one is. As aforesaid in another comment, I have some embarrassing SPaG errors in my posts and I’m glad when people point them out so that I can edit them. So, sorry for the hostility of my last comment, but remember that even though I claimed to be a grammar Nazi, I never claimed to be perfect. Thank you for your time.

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