The little reporter that cried wolf

I’m sure all of us know the story about the boy that cried wolf. You know the one.

“Oh look! The wolf is coming to eat us all.”

And the wolf never came.

Then one day the wolf did come and he had one hell of a feast because no one believed the kid for crying wolf so many times.

I wonder if those who constantly report stories on FF are actually taken seriously by the moderators? So many of the stories they report are still up there. A gander through some of the concritter forums shows pages and pages and pages of stories that are (allegedly) being reported every day by multiple people – members or not – and yet, they’re there.

Did the concritter cry against the rules too many times, or are the stories they think that are against the rules simply not against the rules?

What do my readers think?

You concritters who visit my blog are welcome to comment as well. Keep it civil though.


26 responses to “The little reporter that cried wolf”

  1. Hidan says :

    I think the concritters never report anything, just pretend it, to terrorize the author, so that he/she may delete it on his/her own.

  2. bb says :

    I agree with Hidan. Half of the time, the concritters probably don’t even report. They feed off of fear and reactions. The CU has a list of kills, but most are because the author removed them. Not many are actually reported.

  3. N. Harmonik says :

    Explain the purge back in June 2012 then. Besides, the site only has a few moderators.

    • FanficAuthorandProud says :

      The Purge was due to the admins noting the amount of M-rated and/or rule-breaking fics. I chalk it up to the success of 50 Shades, which was a fanfic that broke the rules and became highly popular. After that book became huge, the mods must have noticed the copycat fics starting to form on FF and decided to nip it in the bud before it got out of hand.

  4. Kamentantei says :

    Wow, what the heck. I only report a few stories that break the rules…..I’m not a member or anything, I just do for a few because….well, they don’t belong on the site. It’s sort of wise to not want to get sued for using copyrighted lyrics, right?

    I was shocked to see I was blocked for a reason I didn’t understand. So you blocked me, someone you don’t even know, before you get to hear my side of the story. Wow. I just have nothing to say about this. I’m still shocked my name is that well-known.

    I haven’t done anything THAT bad, have I? O.o Listen, kid, all I do is report the stories that aren’t stories… songfics, lists, polls, real-life people stuff….the stuff that could get the website we all love in trouble. If we get sued because a celebrity sees us using them, we could lose all of the website in a heartbeat. We just have to abide by a few rules, that’s all. It’s why I took down my chatroom fic and my list fics. I liked them and other people did, it’s just that they don’t belong there.

    CU tries to help writers for the most part. They don’t delete stories, the admins do. I was blinded by my prejudices too until I actually started talking to them and found that they’re not so bad, they just want people to follow the rules, that’s all. It’s tough being them.

    Not that I won’t say that sometimes they go overboard-like the sick thread they made where they make fun of readers for responding to them. But for the most part, they’re not that bad. If you hadn’t blocked me, I could have explained this sort of thing to you online instead of having to post here like this.

    You should block people if they’re spamming you, or are flamers. I’m no flamer, I’m a constructive (well, sorta critic) writer like everyone else on there.

    • FU Critics United says :

      I don’t have anyone blocked on this ff account that this blog is linked to. If you want to PM me then by all means, do so.

      As for the lyrics no artist is ever going to sue FF because someone used lyrics in a story. Why? Because I’m fairly certain torrents and illegal downloads of pirated music do more damage to the recording industry than someone who uses lyrics to a Christina Perri song or copies a Justin Bieber song for a story will ever do.

  5. Kamentantei says :

    ………………….To be honest, I only found this by accident while googling up my screenname. Nah, I don’t think downloads hurt them at all unless it’s for monetary gain. Personal use is okay for downloading music or recording it. However, it crosses the line when you sell it as your own or distribute it without the artist’s permission.

    I’m just saying, I’m not a member of CU, I just hang out there. ..’ I think some of the people you blocked are pretty nice, but that’s your opinion. I don’t even know your account and even if I did, would I spam you? No, because that’s just stupid to do.

    There are some good and bad concritters. I’m not a bad one. I try to help out people the best I can and generally I’m a very kind person by nature. Unlike some concrits, I do write and critique stories. I mostly WRITE. Maybe I could discuss this with you over your account, whatever it may be.

    I mean, I was just shocked to see I was BLOCKED by someone. Seriously, what the heck, is what I thought.

    • FU Critics United says :

      You can PM me if you wish. Full of cynicism and hate everybody (all one word) is the account this blog is linked to. Do I have another account I use to post stories? Yes. I don’t give that one out for the same reason 90% of the concritters I encounter also have their FU I’m reporting your stories account and their writing account separate. I don’t want the headache though thanks to CU and LU I’ve already got it.

      My stories are still there and the CU member who reported me originally is no longer a member. My stories were reported in the summer and all are still there. The LU member who reported me is still a member to the best of my knowledge.

      As long as you don’t turn into a jackass who threatens to kill my children and rape me, I won’t block you. You can see past blog entires for examples of both types of people I’ve blocked for threats of violence to my kids and me. You keep it civil and I’ll do the same. That’s all I ask if you PM me.

  6. N. Harmonik says :

    I must admit though, it does sometimes feel like the admins are a bit slow…such as in the case of this vile plagiarist, Bob69, ( whose actions drove the original author from the site.

  7. Kamentantei says :

    I can’t stand plagiarists, either. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to steal. Someone took one of my stories and he finally took it down. He said he’s rewriting his fic, though, and I’m worried that he might be trying again to steal mine. I can’t stand it.

    Someone stole my youtube video, too.

  8. molly says :

    Two people in the Eliminator forum are stated that there is a rumor that could be shut down 2017 but claim they don’t have the article to cite it. And i could not find anything on it when googled it

  9. Belkys says :

    Hi!. I just found your blog and needed to congratulate you. I was appalled by a review I saw from one of those cowards from Critics United, calling a fic “dog vomit, biggest piece of shit ever written” and some other nasty things I don’t dare to post here. Sadly those cowards are taking advantage of the language barrier and are leaving this kind of reviews especially in the Spanish section of FFnet, knowing most authors won’t be able to file the proper complaint to the administrator. They are a cancer spreading through fanfiction and people like you are very important to keep them at bay.

    I’m a Spanish writer, who speaks a little English and lately I’ve dedicated my time to report these abuses. It’s nice to know I am not alone.

    Please don’t let those low forms of life stop you from what you are doing.

    Thank you once again for this wonderful blog.

  10. molly says :

    Two new names to add to your list RogueMudblood and O Long Johnson

  11. molly says :

    a new name to block Warty Hogg this person and O Long Johnson are the big whine asses on the site.

    • Gigatron says :

      FYI Molly, Warty, Rogue, and O Long Johnson focus their attention strictly towards plagiarists. I repeat, they only report plagiarists!

  12. Hans says :

    Molly is just another bully who wants to get people to gang up on the people who are trying to help authors. I bet she’s just another 12 year old who is mad at the site because ow she can’t read her sicko MA yaoi stories anymore.

  13. anne says :

    Sorry to say this but Hans but you calling this Molly person a bully shows what a hypocrite you are. When your post has the words sicko yaoi stories it screams the word bigot to me. And just so everyone knows I do not have a account on but I do read stories on there.

    • Hans says :

      Apologies as I didn’t make the clear distinction between the yaoi stories that are allowed and the Ma explicit sicko ones (incest, beastility, et all) that were banned that got half the pervs worked out.

      I still stand by, and molly seems to have confirmed, that she’s more worked up because she can’t read her sicko MA explicit garbage anymore and is too much of a coward to go after the actual admins so she has chosen to bully anyone whom she doesn’t like.

  14. molly says :

    yes hans I like MA stories no i don’t read yaoi stories but if i did it would be my right and am 27 yrs old. so basically hans in other words FUCK YOU.

    • Hans says :

      Nice mature response there Molly. No denial that you’re out to bully all those people you don’t like either.

      At least you’re smart enough not to try and lie about that,

      • anne says :

        I can understand that you don’t like MA stories but you did not need to call them sicko or garbage. It shows me your not being very mature either.when you did that.

        I don’t see anything wrong with MA stories that are either about a man and a woman or two men or two women as long as everyone is 18 or older.

        Plus teenagers are not innocent and they do go out and have sex and drink.I don’t see how reading a MA story is going to hurt them when there are lots of pictures and videos online that are a lot worst than words in a story.

        Like you I will stand by want I let’s just agree to disagree.

  15. anne says :

    I was like to point out I to do not like MA stories that have (incest, beastility,,BDSM or paedophilia) in them. But some person out there does like those things in stories and if they want to read and write them then that is their life. And i’m not going to call the stories sicko or garbage because all that is going to do is start fights.

    And like I said earlier let’s just agree to disagree.

  16. molly says :

    RogueMudblood mind your own fucking business and worry about aff. O Long Johnson you can have the fucking bitch award enjoy it you fucking bitch. and Warty Hogg if you don’t like how someone writes then don’t fucking read it you fucking cunt.

    • 4489 says :

      Molly, please don’t resort to sexist insults. It’ll only make you look bigoted.

      • molly says :

        4489 if O Long Johnson and Warty Hogg act like a bitch and a cunt.then am going call them that cause they are a bitch and cunt.

  17. N. Harmonik says :

    What does Warty Hogg have to do with Critics United? She’s with The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports.

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