Update. New post. Gripe session. THE PURGE

So.  FanFiciton recently did a purge and out of the 19 stories I had on my FF account, I now have three that remain.


The original member – FueledByChocolate – who reported my original FanFiction story which was the basis behind this blog, is no longer a member of CU and has changed her name from what it was when she was a member of CU. Off the top of my head, I don’t recall what it was.  I do not know what happened.  Maybe she got eaten by a large flesh eating dinosaur or something?

I don’t know.  I just know I’m livid.

It would have been nice for FanFiction to send authors a note telling us that we had Y number of days until our stories would be deleted.  I had no backup copies of the 16 stories of mine that were deleted.

Of the 16 stories, the breakdown is as follows:

ONE story was deleted for “Chat” script crap which is what that CU blowhard got on to me for

FIVE stories were deleted for “song lyrics” even though the song lyrics in my stories were MY OWN CREATIONS.

The rest of them, I didn’t even bother to look because I was so damn mad.  That was years of work of mine just POOF gone.

As am I from FanFiction.  

I’ll still keep this blog going.  I’ll still be posting tips and hints from my readers. I’ll still support the writers of the stories I follow and review and read. I’ll still be fighting the good fight for the writers on FF who are being targeted unfairly because a few little trolls find it funny to get stories deleted.  I have moved the remaining stories of mine to Archive Of Our Own just in case the other ones get deleted.  I sent FanFiction a scathing email demanding to know why they deleted our stories without notice or at least giving us a chance to correct stories that were “in violation” or offering us a chance to prove that what they did was unfounded.

In the case of my deleted Grey’s Anatomy stories, the ones they claimed contained copyrighted lyrics were LYRICS I MADE MYSELF but did I get that chance to argue my point?


I did send FF an email but I flat out said in the opening line that I don’t expect a response because FFN Mods just simply don’t care. I also had some rather intense language about how they run the site and I wouldn’t be surprised of my account gets deleted (not the FF account associated with this blog. I have two. This one and my main one) I won’t hear back. My works are gone.  My 90+ chapter fic that was the start of my blog here is gone and I don’t have a back up.   

Yeah, I’m a bit cheesed off.  

I know I’m behind on approving comments.  I will get to that.  I promise.  

Now for an update and an explanation on the lack of posts by me:

My entire family has been uprooted from the east coast to Colorado for my husband’s job.   I am looking forward to the fall and winter weather here though.  I grew up not too far away from where we are now and my husband and I are both happy to be back near our families.  

So, as things slow down and as my blood boiling point settles to a simmer, I’ll add more thoughts and whatnot to this blog.

If any of you have been a victim of the purge, please, in the comments tell me what happened and what FF Admin told you was the reason.  


5 responses to “Update. New post. Gripe session. THE PURGE”

  1. Rose says :

    My problem here is that yeah, that sucks, they shouldn’t have done that. But?

    This is their site, and they let you use it for free. They did not have to do that. They don’t owe you anything. If, tomorrow, they decided to just shut the whole site down with no explanation, they can do that. You (and this is a collective ‘you’) deserve basically nothing from them.

    That said, keep in mind that I fully agree that you
    have a right to be upset. I just think that sending them a profanity-laced email for something that they, as the runners of the site, are perfectly within their rights to do is a bit much.

    Should they have checked before going on a deletion spree? Absolutely. But I still don’t think that makes what you did right.

    • FU Critics United says :

      I said nothing about about cussing. I teach my kids how to settle things without cussing so it’s pretty selfish of me to not practice what I preach.

      I said strongly worded meaning I stated my opinion.

      Yeah this site is free. I get that.

      But way to treat the people who keep THEM in business. Of authors like myself leave that means less page hits. Less page hits means less advertising money.

      You figure they’d at least attempt to warn people but these people don’t even answer emails or Tweets. They simply don’t care.

      • Rose says :

        Sorry, misread you there.

        I don’t think you actually bring them that much traffic, and this is a singular “you”. By which I mean…

        There are a LOT of people on FF dot net. If everyone who has had a story removed leaves, my guess is that it would be nothing more than a drop in the bucket. There are more than enough people for it to not matter in terms of site revenue.

        Maybe I’m totally wrong, but I do know that FF is the most popular fanfiction site out there. If all of the purged left, I don’t think it would affect them very much at all.

        They also, like I said, don’t have to answer emails and tweets. This is their site, and they unfortunately do not and can not answer to everyone. They’re probably getting a giant influx of mail from angry people. Answering it takes time. Both times I’ve emailed the admins, they never responded to me, but fulfilled my request. It’s not uncommon for them to not reply, and with so many upset people, they’re almost certainly not going to.

      • FU Critics United says :

        Oh, I know that one member leaving isn’t going to make a bit of difference (see my new blog post).

  2. kamentantei says :

    …….Hey there, it’s me, Kamen. I suppose I’ve changed my mind about them. At first, I thought they were good people doing the right thing, but then they’ve suddenly started becoming cold to me for no reason. I’m probably going to hope that they die out or something…….they really are major assholes. I hate them now. I guess I’ve seen the light or something. :/
    I can’t believe they took your stories down…..too bad. Sorry about that.

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