Ugh. Seriously?



You people still make me want to vomit.  

Congrats on being assclowns.  Wear that crown well.  


9 responses to “Ugh. Seriously?”

  1. Hans says :

    So much for you having respect and understanding how CU works. I guess you could only hide your true nature for so long.

  2. Rose says :

    Yeah, I’m going to go with Hans on that one. Anyway, while I don’t always agree with CU, I think
    stalking their forum until they say something you don’t like is very mature either.

    Yes, I know a lot of this is submissions. It still counts as apparently this is worthy of being a post. It’s someone happy because the rules of the site are being upheld and the admins are finally getting off of their rears. This is vomit inducing? Really? You make some good points on here, but this…is not one of them.

    • FU Critics United says :

      Agree to disagree then.

      I don’t stalk the forums. 80% of what I post is reader submitted. When I first started this blog, it was for me to rant. Then people started commenting and submitting their own horror stories from all the groups including CU but some of the worst flames were from Eliminators and the other forums.

  3. TheWordMasterofFiction says :

    …You know what, screw it, I’m putting my real username here.

    First off, I’m terribly sorry you’ve had to go through such an awful experience on When I first joined two years ago, I had no idea that the troll and LU problem would grow to be as bad as it was. Luckily,the section I wrote for was spared for the most part (although there were several nasty trolls that ended up causing havoc in the process), but apparently the problem still looms elsewhere.

    As someone who dealt extensively with this sort of thing for a while, I think I should offer one tip that I’ve found to be invaluable: Do. Not. Feed. Them. Yes, I understand that you want to call attention to this problem and fight back, but believe me,it only causes them to continue doing what they do. The easiest way to stop a troll or flamer is to simply ignore them , as hard as that might be. After a while they will get tired and move on to other things. This is what happened with all the trolls I’ve faced, so I know this method is effective.

    I am still involved on FF, and I have found so much happiness here on the site. I’d hate to see anyone else’s experiences ruined by others however. Stay strong my dear! Remember, they can’t leap through your screen and hurt you! 🙂

    • FU Critics United says :

      I won’t be posting any more on FanFiction unless they put my story back – which I doubt they do. I’ll fall out of my chair and die if I actually get a response from one of my emails.

      I’ve been emailing every day asking them to actually read my 90+ chapter story that they deleted and they’ll see it’s not script format and after that, imploring them to put it back. My story text clearly has a speaker, an action, and additional wording. Most chat/script entries are like this

      Character: I am hungry

      Mine wasn’t like that, but I doubt FF Admins took time to notice.

      I doubt they put my story back though even though my emails are imploring them to actually read it before deleting anything in the future, not just glancing and going, “Yep! Delete it!”

      And like you, MA stories aren’t my forte, but if they are for someone else, by all means, have at it.

  4. 4489 says :

    So the site admins deal with petty infractions such as 2nd-person chat but they turn a blind eye to plagiarism and copyright infringement of published novels? How sad. T_T

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