This is why I love AO3 (Archive of our own)



So go on.  Quote some song lyrics without worry about CU or anyone coming after you.


55 responses to “This is why I love AO3 (Archive of our own)”

  1. Adventure timer says :

    Meh. Critics United is a no-forum these days, you’re just wasting your time since that forum is completely dead
    Right now the “in vogue” forum is the one called The Plagiarist Report, which have accused lots of people of stealing stuff incorrectly. They did that to my sister, you know? Said she was stealing from some book and reported her story until it got deleted, and she wasn’t stealing at all!

  2. molly says :

    Yes the Plagiarist Report are pain the asses. RogueMudblood O Long Johnson and Warty Hogg are the worst. All three of them have stated that they have email and called lawyers of celebrities, publishing companies and the advertiser that post their ads on the site. Instead of letting the mods of the site do their jobs they whine and bitch like babies. I have posted on here telling them off

  3. Mica says :

    Plagiarism Report are nothing more than trolls since they don’t do anything but harass people and stories they don;t like. They’re just trolls and should have the attention of this page far far more than Critics United should.

  4. molly says :

    RogueMudblood dose it again the fucking bitch has sent emails to the Blair Partnership. about harry potter fics on the site that have some copyrighted words and plots in the fic instead of letting the mods of the site do their jobs when they have time. so if all harry potter fanfiction gets ban blame RogueMudblood and The Plagiarist Report

  5. Adventure timer says :

    Oh, and you should know Plagiarism Report is also constantly sending emails to the administrators of AO3, and have gotten stories with song lyrics deleted.
    Don’t believe me? Take a look at their forum in

    • molly says :

      i believe i go on their forum everyday. they act like the mods have time to look at every report. there are not enough in the day for the mods of to read all of the abuse reports they get. am sure they get over 1000 or more a day

  6. molly says :

    there is over 2.2 million accounts on i should say they most likely get over 100,000 report everyday not a 1000 or more. i know those reports are not just from the forums they are also from the people reporting the members of those forums.

  7. Mica says :

    Why isn’t this site speaking out against Plagiarism Report more? Horus and his band of do gooders are doing more damage to than Critics United ever could. They are actually working against Xing and the admins of in order to get the site shut down.

    Why else would they be going outside of system and directly emailing people to have stories removed under the claims of “copyright infringement”?

    It’s time people got the word out and rise up against this “Horus the Avenger” and his merry band of troublemakers.

    • molly says :

      Horus has a new forum called Copyright Infringement Reports. And I know what you mean the people they email would not even know about it if they did email or call them. Horus and his forums are nothing but fucking whinny bitchy babies. And like it was point out on here before someone downloading movies and music illegally hurts the copyright people more than a story with songs lyrics in it. And the same thing with someone using a book movie or TV show and changing the people in to make a fic. I don’t see where it is hurting anything no one is making money plus I see it as helping the book movie and TV show when someone wants to read the book or see the real movie or TV show.

      • Mica says :

        Word of warning Molly – Horus is fully aware of you and of this page. He’s spoken out about you on Plagiarism Report and how you are just some nut holding a grudge.

        I wouldn’t be shocked if he tries making a move against this place shortly if not already.

  8. molly says :

    I know I have seen it I have freedom of speech on my side. The owner of the site can state that we have freedom of speech and he can’t do anything about it.

    • molly says :

      Horus can state what he wants because he has freedom of speech just like us. He can call me nut all he wants just like I can call someone a bitch or whine ass.

  9. Mica says :

    He may claim to support freedom of speech but he and his trolls start screaming “liable” and “slander” the moment anyone actually tries to oppose them. I’ve heard they have gone so far as to pm and email other users encouraging them to make similar claims when some of the kids take them to task on their actions.

    What worse is now they are trying to petition the owners of to make them admins of the site. If that happens that would kill the site – not anything CU could ever do.

    Again, I urge the owner of this blog to speak out more against the Plagiarism Report and their actions to censor, repress, intimidate and bully authors.

  10. molly says :

    they have a flame report forum that want user to use

  11. molly says :

    where did you see that at about them pm and email the owners

    • Mica says :

      They had it in their chat thread where they talked about trying to get them added as admins of the site and in their reports they are putting “Email” when they email or people outside the site.

  12. molly says :

    I was in their forum and Warty Hogg stated that report is a joke and Xing must laugh every time someone uses it and that they are getting closer to doing something drastic. and one of other ones told them to do it. so if something we know who to blame

  13. molly says :

    again Warty Hogg must think that Xing has no life like them guys on their forum and read through the 100,000’s of reports they get a day. it just shows what a fucking whine ass cunt Warty Hogg is

  14. molly says :

    i swear Warty Hogg need to get over herself and stop bitching about the Ma stories on there are other sites out that the state of California would care about than a site that have fanfiction on it. just so Warty Hogg knows ages 13 to 17 are not kids and that age groups is going to read stories that is MA weather theya re on or not.. again she is being fucking whine ass cunt. just doing her weekly whining and bitching.

  15. callie says :

    So sick and tired of The Plagiarism Report stated that someone who post MA stories on fanfiction could be brought up on child pornography charges. When the people in the story are of age. The Plagiarism Report get fucking over your selves you fucking whinny ass mother fuckers. FYI ages 13 to 17 are not children They go out and have sex and they drink and do drugs. Plus shows like teen mom And sites online that pictures and videos of people having sex are a lot worst than a site that has just stories on it. And basically it comes do to the parents doing their jobs of watching their kids and not letting the computer or tv do it for them. It not the members of’s job to watch it underage members. The M rated means mature. So in others words The Plagiarism Report FUCK YOU

  16. Mica says :

    They’re now trying to get Eliminator to go after people they don’t like:

    When someone stands up to them they throw a hissy fit and try to get other people to bully said person.

    Once more, why isn’t this blog speaking out about The Plagiarism Report? Where is the outrage? Why are people not calling these bullies to the carpet as they have with CU, LU and Eliminator?

  17. molly says :

    I have been in a lot of my post

  18. molly says :

    a new name to add to the block list How Annoying. this person is major asshole just look at their profile

  19. molly says :

    RogueMudblood and Warty Hogg again mind your own fucking business and stop fucking worry about people who stories just a few fucking lines from a song.again fucking over you mother fucking whine ass mother fuckers

  20. molly says :

    as i said before both RogueMudblood and Warty Hogg must think xing and zack can read through the 100,000′s the site gets a day. and i just love line on her profile I will no longer be leaving reviews to advise that the material is being reported. I will not be harassed or threatened, and as both happened as a result of a polite warning given to one user, I will not be leaving any more warnings. I will just report. that right just shows what fucking whine ass bitchy cunt she is. and shows she dish it out but she can’t take it. she needs to fucking stop bitching and fucking whining about fucking song lyrics and get fucking over her self

  21. molly says :

    it seems now warty hogg is trying to get xing to hire her as a staff member. if her and other The Plagiarism Report gor hired it be a Steven Savage all over again. and when that happen all hell broke lose on the site.

  22. molly says :

    well it seems like the Eliminators are no longer going to be review just reporting must have to follow RogueMudblood line of bull shit. they can dish it out but they can’t take it. go read what was posted I hope that more people will report Eliminators for bullying

  23. molly says :

    warty hogg must love the fact that people hate her. she has gone and done the same thing RogueMudblood did aand email the real authors of about the read the book stories. again if the site gets in trouble blame those two and their fucking forums they are on.

  24. molly says :

    RogueMudblood is at it again with her lies she has now posted sites that claim is worth a lot of money. again the fucking bitch needs to fucking get over her fucking self and she needs to stop spreading her fucking lies and scare is link to the post she made on her forum

  25. molly says :

    warty hogg is one dumb bitch she has stated that if get sued she will be happy to testify in court. I hope she knows that she will have to give her real name. and it will it most likely be printed in the news papers and online. all she is going to do set her self up for trouble from pissed off fans of if she does that. I know I would never do that

  26. molly says :

    i would like to know where RogueMudblood getting all these emails from so she can email the copyright people. she has now sent an email to Hachette Books piracy department.and she has sent an email to Taylor Swift’s copyright agent. and like i said before if the site gets in trouble and shut blame both her and the forums.she to fucking keep her fucking nose out of the sites business. and stop her fucking whining and bitching

  27. molly says :

    again warty hogg is bitching. about all the cases that xing lets the ones with MA in them. again warty hogg 13-17 are not kids they have sex. plus each state and country has their laws. was made back in 98 and yes it has California law in its rules. but the rules have not been updated since 98. and plus when the site started out they only had a people in the state and few others going on it. now since then has become a globe site. the California law rules need to be change to fit all the states and countries that use. and warty hogg am sure xing does have a legal consultant and lawyer to help him. again warty hogg stop your fucking bitching you fucking cunt.

  28. 4489 says :

    Another reason to love AO3: The admins actually care about the writers and are less tolerant of plagiarists who steal from writers.

  29. molly says :

    two new people to add to your block list FanFiction Moderator 2 and MA NOT ALLOWED this one is a whiiny little bitch that need to get over his or her self

  30. molly says :

    a new one to add to the block list enn.kayy this one is another whinny little fucker that need to get a fucking life. man they coming out of the wood work.

  31. molly says :

    forgot one The Imprisoned of Hell

  32. molly says :

    new one to add Crabby Buzzard this whine ass posted like once month on the Eliminator forum. with a big list of stories that are from after juine of 2012 to last year.

    • molly says :

      Crabby Buzzard needs to go fuck off and get a fucking life and job. and needs to stop being a fucking loser

  33. molly says :

    new one to add Lost in a World of Idiots this fucking whine ass has got to be one of worst they have a a forum that is just rude and a Community called Idiots.

  34. molly says :

    Lost in a World of Idiots need to get a fucking life and to get it through their head that owners of the site don’t care. and to stop being a fucking whine ass prick

  35. molly says :

    new one to add to your block list is fishiesandsticks this one ia another fucking dick they leave flames with rude words and they swear at the person

  36. molly says :

    three new names to add Moka-girl this fucking bitch just love to whine to cu about stories and is nothing but a trouble maker. 3DPhantom is anopther wannbe that has a community called inappropriate Story Archive again just another fucking loser. and this one another big whine ass little cunt BiancaShiro they cry when the writer fights back and call them a name.

  37. molly says :

    new name to add to the block list The Fox Familiar this one ass they use their religion and hate of gays to review. they admit to flames if you get a review from them report them. to the site i fact just report them to site cause their profile is full hate on gay people

  38. molly says :

    new name to add Wishing for a Shooting Star. this one is a little ass kisser

  39. molly says :

    new name to add the list of whine asses Eclipsed Sanity

  40. molly says :

    new name to add EvilHeartlessMoogle this one is down right bitch just look at their profile

  41. molly says :

    new name to add BromegaMan this prick is new to the site but is already shown what little fucker he is.

  42. molly says :

    new name to add oneaquaberry this are ready shown what a little fucker ass kissing bitch she is going to be

  43. molly says :

    new name to add MaiWishes this user is already shown what a fucking troill they are. they have gone to both cu and eliminator’s forum with the same story. when both forums have said not to do that shows they are a troll. plus they are a liar when they the ones are have gotten reviews telling what they did.

  44. molly says :

    new name to add Blueberrypeach this bitch just scream what a snot nose bitch she is

  45. molly says :

    new name to add Tigerboy101 this little asshole is a fucking hypocrite

  46. molly says :

    new name to add Mad Cider this little bitch wants to join so she can bully user of stories she don’t like

  47. molly says :

    two new names add Libby Putney and ArmaniHallows they both are fucking little cunts that need to be stopped

  48. molly says :

    new name to add NO MA ALLOWED this fucking bitch needs to be stopped

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